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  • METANANO 2018: Professor Stefan Maier on Nanophotonics’ Key Tasks

    Why does it often take decades for a fundamental discovery to be introduced in the industry and enter our daily lives? What are the key challenges of today’s nanophotonics? And what are the prospects of metamaterials’ further development? Stefan Maier, professor of the Ludwig Maximilian University of Munich and participant of the recent METANANO conference, spoke about these topics in an interview for ITMO.NEWS.


  • ITMO Professor Xi-Cheng Zhang Is Awarded Alexander von Humboldt Prize

    Xi-Cheng Zhang, head of ITMO’s International Institute of Photonics and Optical Information Technology and a member of ITMO's International Council, received a prestigious Alexander von Humboldt award. Award winners are invited to cooperate on long-term research projects with colleagues at a research institution in Germany.


  • ITMO University Wins Most SPIE Scholarships in 2018

    Every year students and staff of ITMO University are awarded scholarships by the International Society for Optical Engineering (SPIE). This year, five students representing the Terahertz Biomedicine and Metamaterials laboratories became the scholarship competition’s winners. ITMO University, therefore, has won the most spots, coming out ahead of the University of Arizona (four winners) and University of California (four winners). Read below to learn about the winners’ projects.


  • ITMO and Partners Present New Projects at 2nd Lasers&Photonics Congress

    From June 4-8, St. Petersburg hosted the second international Lasers&Photonics congress, which brought together 1,500 scientists, researchers and members of the industry in the fields of photonics, laser physics and quantum communications. One of the main events at the congress was an exhibition where companies from Russia, Belarus, Lithuania and Japan presented their products; ITMO University, too, showcased devices developed in cooperation with industrial partners. Holographic nanocomposite materials, Li-Fi devices, infrared sensors for high-speed fiber optic communications – these and other inventions are market-ready.


  • ITMO Graduates Reflect on True Value of Education

    Occupational work doesn’t necessarily mean working in the very field the student has been trained for. Today, showing graduates how to apply their competencies is amongst the most important tasks for every university. Graduates Alexey and Andrei Kiselev believe that this is especially relevant in case of ITMO University, which trains its students to be able to apply their knowledge in practically any field. The two of them didn’t build their careers in the field they’ve been trained for in a traditional sense, but rather made the most of the skills they got at the university. In an interview for ITMO.NEWS, they shared their opinion on the widespread cliche of “occupational work”, and how quality education can help you build a unique career path.


  • A Look at Russia’s First Master’s Program on LED Technologies

    LED technologies are quickly taking over from incandescent lamps and other non-power-efficient light sources. Intelligent lighting is an integral part of smart cities, and concepts of lighting design, light quality, light pollution and others are becoming more and more recognizable. ITMO University’s Master’s program “LED Technologies” teaches students to work on the issues of a new, rapidly developing industry. Starting in their first year, students get to work on actual cases for various companies at the university’s laboratories, as well as to learn about the industry during practical training. Vladislav Bougrov, head of ITMO’s School of Photonics, explains how Russia’s first-ever specialized LED technology program works and what opportunities await its graduates.


  • Russian, German and French Scientists to Collaborate on Nanowhisker Research at European XFEL

    Scientists from ITMO University were granted the right to conduct an experiment on XFEL, the world's largest free-electron laser. The project will be carried out in collaboration with researchers from Germany and France. It will also be the first project at the European XFEL managed by a group of Russian scientists. The experiment is devoted to the study of nanowhiskers - nanomaterials with high spatial and energy resolution of the electronic structure and atomic formation. Among the potential applications of nanowhiskers, or threadlike nanocrystals, are various areas of electronics and medicine. Read out article to learn more about the project and its future prospects.


  • Eleven ITMO Scientists Receive Presidential Scholarships

    The Russian Ministry of Education and Science, along with the Presidential Grant Council, have announced the results of the open competition for presidential scholarships. These scholarships are provided to young scientists and postgraduate students who work on R&D in top-priority areas vital to the modernization of the Russian economy in 2018-2020. More than 2,000 applications were made; among 575 scholarship winners, 11 came from ITMO University.


  • Nanoscale Super-Resonator Extends Light Lifetime

    Scientists designed the first subwavelength dielectric resonators for light trapping at nanoscale that appears to be the simple silicon cylinder which is a hundred times thinner than a human hair. Such a structure is capable of trapping light ten times longer than any conventional resonator. Along with a simple shape and small size, this new resonator is a promising basis for the design of powerful nanolasers, biosensors, and various light transmitting devices. The results were published in Physical Review Letters.


  • ITMO Dean Sergei Kozlov Receives Auspicious Award

    Sergei Kozlov, Dean of ITMO’s Department of Photonics and Optical Information Technologies was officially awarded the honorary title "Honored Science Worker of the Russian Federation". The title is awarded for significant contribution to the development of science, creation of new scientific schools and outstanding achievements in training young sciencists. The official ceremony for the award was held on December 15 in Smolny Palace, which is the seat of St. Petersburg’s administration. Professor Kozlov told ITMO.NEWS about his scientific interests, ideal team, criteria for successful research and development and new promising areas in photonics.


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