(Ex)change your life

It’s 15 degrees. I’m having coffee and marzipan cake in a cozy bakery in a small town called Wismar, in a big country, Germany. It’s been a month of studying on an exchange program in Hochschule Wismar and it’s already changed my life.

Discover the Museum that Shows You Mini-Russia

We all know how big Russia is and that it’s quite a challenge to visit every part of the country. Therefore, in order to get an idea of ​​the diversity of Russian cities and landscapes for yourself, the best option besides actually travelling, is to visit the "Grand Maket Rossiya" Museum. I have been postponing my visit to the "Grand Maket" for a long time, because I thought that my expectations would not be fulfilled. Despite the many positive reviews, I was still skeptical. However, I finally made a decision, and went and bought a ticket to the museum.


It’s strange how some decisions change your path, your perspective, your… everything. At the moment you receive the email about a semester exchange you have no clue how important that "I'm interested" can be. It’s just one semester after all, right? Well, no. It’s a life lasting memory.

Experiences with Teaching at ITMO

In this blog post I want to share some of my experiences so far with teaching, and with work with students at ITMO university. First of all, the courses were done together with my colleagues Liubov Kovriguina and Ivan Shilin. Besides the fact that it is nice to collaborate regarding to course content, sharing the courses was quite essential to be able adhere to all administrative procedures.

Exchange Semester in Seoul

My name is Edward Kamalov, I am a 3rd year bachelor's student, my major is macroeconomics. Last autumn semester I was studying in the University of Seoul, located in South Korea. I want to tell you some facts and maybe give some tips about studying abroad!

Is there life after academic mobility?

I spent 4 months in Pilsen living my best student months I have ever had. Now, that I am back in Saint Petersburg to my normal not international way of living, I am ready to value my whole experience without bias.

Why diets do not work?

Around 2.8 million people die each year because of being overweight. However, many young people have mental and physical illnesses because they try to reach some arbitrary beauty standard. I’m very concerned about both issues. I’m not going to tell you today why this is a disaster. I’m simply going to tell you how to avoid these problems.

Should we really learn foreign languages?

From the first sign, this question seems silly. Duh-a, we need at least basic English to not be dead because of dehydration in the middle of India. But do we really need to learn French, Spanish or Chinese? Or even English? Too many questions, I know. However, teachers always say that if you have questions, you want to learn something. I can try to believe them.

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