Unexpected Pleasures

Have you ever thought about the roots of all the disappointments a man could have? We have all wondered, but the answers commonly given are mostly our excuses; we like passing the buck onto someone else, shielding ourselves from responsibilities.

Turn and Face the Strange

In this part, I would like to talk a bit about the changes we have in our life and how do we deal with them. Does the nature of a human being stay constant through all of his life or the time and the ambience have an ability to reconstruct the temper, redirect the path the things used to have before? This topic is quite interesting, it isn't a hundred percent clear for me either, so hereby I would write not the states, but the assumptions, proposals and ideas on it.

Here I am again

As I have stated before, I don't care much about the format of my blog. Anyways, I will try to make it somehow related to why I have started it — with living abroad and being on a mobility programme. So below I'm gonna think a little about the choices we make. What rules us while making them and should we probably rebuild our way of reflecting while making a decision.

Hello, world!

With these words nearly everything that should be considered as ITMO-related should be started, so that seems like a proper beginning for my kind of diaries here. First, let me introduce myself a bit so you could get some general view of who I am and why do I see the world like this. Hope it would be representative.

Having fun in Tallinn

I spent the last semester in Estonia — a small dynamically developing country in North Europe, with cold weather like in St. Petersburg, the biggest amount of start-ups per person in the world, some people even call it the "silicon valley of Europe". And it is so technically advanced that you can vote for the president on-line and it is covered with wi-fi almost everywhere, so theoretically you can cast your vote with your mobile phone even if you are outdoors. That’s basically why I chose Estonia.

Life of a German Student

I have experienced definitely a lot by studying in Germany. I found out many new things about culture, learning process and everyday life of a German student. Furthermore, I lived almost in the heart of the Europe. Therefore, I had an opportunity to travel a lot.

The St. Petersburg of Foodies: The Unique Multiethnic Food Scene

After spending some time in St. Petersburg, we all know what Russian cuisine consists of. Blinis, soups, pies, and pelmenis are now familiar to us, and we drink some mors, traditional Russian juice to wash them down. However, the Russian food scene is not that simple.

Weekend getaway: Petrozavodsk

As amazing as St Petersburg is, sometimes it can be fun to get away from the city for a weekend. There are many interesting places not too far from the city, and the one we picked for our weekend trip was Petrozavodsk, the capital of the Karelian Republic.

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