Exchange Semester in Seoul

My name is Edward Kamalov, I am a 3rd year bachelor's student, my major is macroeconomics. Last autumn semester I was studying in the University of Seoul, located in South Korea. I want to tell you some facts and maybe give some tips about studying abroad!

Is there life after academic mobility?

I spent 4 months in Pilsen living my best student months I have ever had. Now, that I am back in Saint Petersburg to my normal not international way of living, I am ready to value my whole experience without bias.

Why diets do not work?

Around 2.8 million people die each year because of being overweight. However, many young people have mental and physical illnesses because they try to reach some arbitrary beauty standard. I’m very concerned about both issues. I’m not going to tell you today why this is a disaster. I’m simply going to tell you how to avoid these problems.

Should we really learn foreign languages?

From the first sign, this question seems silly. Duh-a, we need at least basic English to not be dead because of dehydration in the middle of India. But do we really need to learn French, Spanish or Chinese? Or even English? Too many questions, I know. However, teachers always say that if you have questions, you want to learn something. I can try to believe them.

Women in IT

The IT world is filled with many amazing developers, inventors, researchers, and other eminent personalities. And most of them are men. But there are many talented female scientists who have made an invaluable contribution to the IT industry. This article will focus on the women who have achieved success in the exact sciences. Their names are Karen Sparck Jones, Erna Schneider Hoover, Judy Malloy, and Radia Perlman. Equally with men, these women have influenced the development of information technology.

Is Arkhangelsk the Real Capital of Russia?

If you poll a thousand Russians and ask them about the cities of Russia, you will see certain patterns emerge. Moscow, so the thinking goes, is the financial center of Russia. It is a city built on commerce and energy, where people move quickly and do things. Petersburg is the cultural center, suffused with arts and high-thinking. People are somewhat kinder than in Moscow, but this is borne in the depressive sensibilities accompanying that of an artist. Vladivostok is way over there on the other side of the planet and has something to do with ships.

My Experience as a Buddy for International Students

I was interested in exploring different cultures and exchanging ideas about countries, their languages and cuisines. I bumped into the "Buddy System" which was a new initiative by ITMO University. I was screened by the selection committee and didn't expect to be selected as one of the buddies. I was excited and happy to be a part of this group. I was assigned to a new group of exchange students who were arriving from Brazil at the end of December.

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