Weekend getaway: Petrozavodsk

As amazing as St Petersburg is, sometimes it can be fun to get away from the city for a weekend. There are many interesting places not too far from the city, and the one we picked for our weekend trip was Petrozavodsk, the capital of the Karelian Republic.

Comparing student unions — the case of ITMO and University of Helsinki

Already more than half of my internship in the International Office at ITMO has passed, time really flies. One of the most interesting things during this time was the meeting with the International Student Union. In my home university in Helsinki I have also taken part in some activities of our student associations. That’s why I can compare the two systems a little bit.

The Magic of Ballet

In March I got to know that I will be spending almost 3 months in St. Petersburg this summer, working as an intern in ITMO. One of my first thoughts was "I will have time to see a ballet or even two!" After all, the history of ballet in Russia is very long, and St. Petersburg as the so-called cultural capital of the country would surely have a lot to offer in the sphere of ballet.

The St. Petersburg of Foodies: The Holy Trinity of Russian cuisine

When traveling abroad, one of the most important things to explore is the local cuisine. Especially if you are a foodie like us.

St. Petersburg has a great variety of delicious tastes, foods and drinks, sweet and sour, hot and cold. We couldn’t be more excited to introduce some of our personal favorites to you. The theme of this post is The Holy Trinity of Russian Cuisine, meaning the three most efficient aces Russia has to offer to fight against hunger: Pies, Blinis and Dumplings!

Here you can see our French-Finnish gourmand duo doing important research for the blog.

Dream Finally Came True. Part 2.

Overall, I really like studying at TU Darmstadt. It is a nice experience of how the learning process could be different.

Dream Finally Came True

This semester one of my dreams finally came true. I got the opportunity to study for half a year at a German university. I have been to Germany many times before not only as a tourist but also as an exchange student at a German high school when I still was at school. Therefore, I was confident about my language skills, and the whole thing of going to Germany for such a long time didn't scare me. I look forward to new experiences, eager to broaden my horizons.

Globalization is Here

The world is getting smaller and smaller. A plane can take us to the other side of the world in less than a day. A message reaches a friend thousands of kilometers away in a few seconds. The connections between individuals, institutions, companies and governments are these days more frequent than ever before. We know this phenomenon by the name globalization.

By the Bonfire

There’s nothing more relaxing than to forget everything you need to do and escape the city for some days. There are some people that say that they do not like going out to the woods and staying away from the city and all its amenities, but I frankly cannot imagine that they are saying that for real, or at least I think they’ve just never gotten the proper experience.

Getting involved

Some time ago, when I was still in school, I used to think that being at university means that you just need to learn a lot of stuff, attend all your lectures and tutorials and do a lot of homework; and for the most part I was right. But there’s one big part that I omitted, and that is that in one way or another you need to get involved, be a little more proactive. I don’t mean that you have to attend all of the events from the university, nobody does that, it’s impossible to attend them all, not only because you need time for your usual academic work, but because everybody also has a life, however you will have to get involved in some university that probably doesn’t have much to do with your minor or major, but will have an impact on your academic development.

A Second Home

There’s one thing that unites every student that studies abroad or away from their city of origin, and that’s the dormitory. Even though the dormitory’s sole purpose is for students from other cities and countries to have a place to live while they study, it becomes more than a second home for those students. The dormitory often becomes the center of small parties and reunions of friends, and new people, sometimes you even get to know people that are not part of the university. Of course, big parties won’t work, not only because of the dormitory rules, but also because it becomes uncomfortable to party hard in the small dormitory room while trying not to annoy the neighbors.

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