IASP-2016 Moscow: Science Parks' Future Belongs to Globalization

The IASP-2016 Moscow (International Association of Science Parks and Areas of Innovation) took place on October, 19−22 for the 33rd time. More than 1,500 participants from different countries came to Moscow this year. ITMO University Technopark also presented its' projects.

«The global mind — linking innovation communities for internationalization, sustainability and growth» was an agenda of the IASP-2016. Most discussions of the session were centered around globalization in terms of sustainable development.

«The transition to „smart economy“ and economy based on knowledge determines the development of Russia, which progresses in reducing dependence on raw materials. The fact that IASP 2016 took place in Moscow means that participating countries can appreciate our efforts,» noted Arkady Dvorkovich, Deputy Prime Minister of the Russian Government and the head of IASP’s Organizing Committee.

According to the experts, Moscow’s research and industrial facilities are very strong. Its' development also depends on innovations that serve as a driver for economic growth including urban development. During the last few years Moscow has created innovation infrastructure based on dozens of science parks. Using them, scientists and developers produce unique products relevant for Russian and international markets.

The «Robotics & VR» exhibition, which was a part of the IASP-2016, fused together the best mechatronic and VR projects of Russia and other countries. ITMO University Technopark's residents also participated in the exhibition. The Rehabot company presented a glove for post stroke rehabilitation, Optimal Drive, which develops a service for industrial process automation in the pharmaceutical field, also took part in «Robotics & VR». Then its' heads went to Spain to promote their development.

«Our residents become successful so quickly thanks to the „match-making“ approach. It means that any participant of the conference can easily initiate a meeting with other participants including stakeholders of international science parks and leading experts. Thus professionals from Romania, Austria, India and Brazil who were interested in innovation activities of ITMO University visited St. Petersburg…» mentioned Olesya Baraniuc, Deputy Director of the Technopark at ITMO University.

The IASP-2016 has broken a record — about 1,600 participants from 70 countries came to the session in Moscow. Usually this event fuses together about 1,000 stakeholders.

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