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  • Russian Scientists Conduct Research on European XFEL

    The European XFEL is a research facility with the most powerful X-ray laser in the world, which provides scientists with ultrashort X-ray flashes, allowing them to observe chemical reactions, decipher the structure of complex biological objects and solve other topical tasks. Russian researchers had already participated in the European XFEL’s projects, but only as part of an international research group. In October 2018, a group of scientists from ITMO University gained independent access to the facility’s equipment and conducted research on a new class of materials.


  • ITMO Researchers Develop Fast and Simple Perovskite Nanolaser Creation Method

    Using the new method, scientists can synthesize perovskite nanolasers, which combine an optically active medium with a Fabry–Pérot high-Q resonator, in just five minutes. The nanolasers’ simple synthesis process and their unique optical qualities make them highly promising sources of coherent radiation in the development of high-sensitivity optical sensors and ultra-fast data transfer in photonic integrated circuits. Results of this research have been published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.


  • Russian, German and French Scientists to Collaborate on Nanowhisker Research at European XFEL

    Scientists from ITMO University were granted the right to conduct an experiment on XFEL, the world's largest free-electron laser. The project will be carried out in collaboration with researchers from Germany and France. It will also be the first project at the European XFEL managed by a group of Russian scientists. The experiment is devoted to the study of nanowhiskers - nanomaterials with high spatial and energy resolution of the electronic structure and atomic formation. Among the potential applications of nanowhiskers, or threadlike nanocrystals, are various areas of electronics and medicine. Read out article to learn more about the project and its future prospects.


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