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  • Getting to Know Russian Literature, Part 2: the 20th Century

    20th century Russian literature is definitely a topic that’s hard to approach; it’s too vast, too complex, and too controversial for one meager article. Then again, we’re not doing some research that would’ve been interesting to a wannabe critic (which I hope you aren’t); rather than that, our intention is to give you a quick overview of the different strands of Russian 20th century prose so you can pick something to your liking. So, let’s take a look at what it’s about!


  • Russian Pelmeni: Not Just Student Food

    It’s breakfast, lunch, and dinner. A Russian version of instant ramen, a perfect comfort food, and a cultural phenomenon, Russian dumplings are the perfect dish to help you get through the winter.


  • Master’s Student from Argentina: Immersing Into New Culture Is Like Starting New Life

    Are there any similarities between Russia and Argentina? Why Russian phonetics can be so hard to master? What can help international students integrate into a new country faster? Rodrigo Lopez Pablos from Argentina, a Master’s student in mathematical and computer modeling, shares his experiences of studying at ITMO and living in Russia.


  • Three Everyday Things You Can't Buy in Russia

    Shopping in St. Petersburg is much like everywhere else in Europe and the U.S., except for when you're looking for these three things. 


  • January 7th: Russia Celebrates Christmas

    Much like people in many other countries with a strong Orthodox tradition, most Russians who celebrate Christmas do it on January 7. Apart from clerical concerns, this day is also associated with the end of the long winter holidays, thus holding much significance for religious and non-religious people alike. So, what’s the best way to spend January 7 in 2019?


  • Small Schedule for the Largest Grown-Ups Holiday!

    If you're still in school - you're really lucky (yeah, I know, it may sound crazy, but it's true), you get to have fun with so much free time during every holiday and enjoy this sweet and lax part of our lives where studying is the main activity and purpose of existence. But if you’ve already passed this beautiful era - congratulations, you're finally able to enjoy the most wonderful time of the year - winter holidays! Our small list of the must-do things for this magical adventure of week-long freedom starting from Jan 1, when we can feel like children again.


  • Olivie Salad: The Magic of New Year's Eve

    On every festive table today in Russia you’ll find Olivier salad. But what’s the secret ingredient? Ikea has the answer.


  • From Sunshine to Freezing Cold: An Ecuadorian’s Experience of Russia

    Despite his friends’ warnings about bears and wolves letting loose on Russian streets and meteorites falling from the sky, Michael Nuñez from Ecuador decided to come to Russia to study intelligent robotics at ITMO’s Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics. In this interview, he shares his thoughts about his exciting journey.


  • Cakes vs. Tortes: Do Carbs Like a Russian

    Brownies, muffins, maybe even crumbles, and for sure, cheesecakes, are starting to make their way onto dessert menus in St. Petersburg. But at home, locals are likely to serve you their favorites: tortes, pirogs and bulochkas.


  • Getting to Know Russian Literature: Part 1

    Remember the Lord of War movie? I really liked the joke about suicide novelists being a Russian export on par with caviar and vodka, and only slightly losing to the ever popular Kalashnikovs. Suicide part aside, we are very proud of our literature, and you don’t get  to really experience Russia unless you’ve read some. Still, there’s one thing that can discourage you from trying, and it’s the “notorious wordiness” of Russian authors – in fact, many school students get terrified by the mere prospect of having to read War and Peace as the book itself is something that you can kill with. For that reason, we’ve decided to come up with a quick overview – and give you some advice on the shorter titles to start with.


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