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  • Go Green in the City: ITMO Team Wins Regional Stage of Eco-Friendly Competition

    Members of ITMO’s Department of Industrial Ecology and Safety Anastasia Pavlova and Violetta Savoscula won the regional stage of the international Go Green in the City competition, held annually by the Schneider Electric company. The contest’s participants had to solve one of five tasks on reducing energy waste and improving the quality of life in urban areas. ITMO team’s project on the use of thermoelectric modules in inland water transport for increasing the efficiency of diesel engines bested over 160 competitors.


  • ITMO’s Environmental Camp EcoRaids Hosts First Eco-Festival

    The Ecological Raids international volunteer camp has been recently held at ITMO University’s health-and-sports center Yagodnoe. For two weeks, students from six countries attended lectures and workshops on social and environmental projects and shared knowledge in the field of environmental protection. All of this happened on the shores of a beautiful lake in the Karelian isthmus. The camp ended with an open eco-festival.


  • ITMO Volunteers Get Training in Germany

    Olga Rybakina and Ilya Bokatiy, volunteers from ITMO's Student Volunteer Center, have recently returned from the German Niederkaufungen intentional community where they received training as part of the German-Ukrainian-Russian training as camp-coordinators. This educational course for students from different countries is organized by the German branch of SCI, an international organization that collaborates with volunteer centers from all over the world in order to train camp leaders and raise the participants' ecological awareness.


  • EduEnvi: Education in Sustainable Waste Management in Russia and Kazakhstan

    According to the Ministry of Natural Resources and the Environment of the Russian Federation, the amount of waste from production and consumption in Russia totaled 5 billion tonnes last year. The statistics indicate that only 50% of waste is recovered, and only 7-8% of waste is recycled. There is no waste management system in any of the regions, and existing educational programs in the field of environmental protection are generally insufficient or ineffective. Six Russian and Kazakh universities are collaborating with universities in Finland, Denmark, and Spain to solve this problem. The developers of the project, co-funded by the Erasmus+ Program, are going to launch eight online courses in biotechnologies and waste management. The project will last for three years, and the courses may become part of several universities’ Master's programs.


  • Eco-Friendly Board Game Teaches Students to Combine Business and Sustainable Development

    Master’s students from ITMO University learned about sustainable development at a workshop on the board game Ecologic. Sustainable development is the concept of balance between humanity’s ecological, economic and social goals. This kind of balance is what Ecologic aims to inspire people to strive towards. ITMO.NEWS spoke to the game’s creators and their collaborators about what makes the game enjoyable - and beneficial to the world.


  • The Dangers of Light Pollution

    A recent report published in the Nature journal exposes the impact of excessive artificial lighting on everything around us, - and it proves to be much more serious a problem than one might think. With every year, the world is becoming “brighter”; the amount of artificially lit areas has increased by 2% between 2012 and 2016, and the luminance level grows by 1.8% each year. The key factor that contributed to this happening was the worldwide introduction of energy efficient and bright LED light sources. ITMO.NEWS spoke with Svetlana Kolgushkina, lecturer at ITMO’s Creative Lighting Department, to find out what light pollution is, and how countries choose to combat it.


  • ITMO and VNIIM Develop Joint Master's Program in Metrology

    This summer, ITMO University and the Mendeleev National Research Institute of Metrology (VNIIM) have put out a call for applicants to a Master’s degree program in “Standardization and Metrology in High-Tech Industry”. The new Master’s program, developed by specialists from ITMO and VNIIM, consists of 20 highly specific subjects that exist on the intersection of math, computer science, physics, chemistry, economics and ecology.


  • ITMO Team Wins First Place at National Robotics Olympiad

    From June 23 to 25 the final stage of the Russian Olympiad in Programming of Intelligent Robotic Systems was held for the fourth time in the city of Innopolis (Republic of Tatarstan). The Olympiad features contestants from all over the country and thus serves as the Russian qualification round for the World Robot Olympiad. ITMO University’s team and their forest pathologist robot Forester secured the first place in one of the competition’s categories.


  • What is “True” Ecology?

    Environmentalism is a movement that has been becoming more and more popular worldwide; as time goes on, it generates new trends, some of which are only now starting to be introduced in Russia. We’ve decided to share a bit about the topic.


  • "Green Universities: Innovations and Best Practices" Conference: Students Go Green

    Every university in the world is visited by thousands of people every day. Apart from going to lectures and conducting research, these people eat, use computers and printers, wash their hands and the like. In cafeterias, people drink hundreds of liters of coffee and throw out thousands of disposable cups. But, can we stop this endless flow of litter and relieve the burden on the environment that we create? “Yes”, believe those who spent years on developing the "green university" concept. The best projects in this field were presented at the "Green universities: innovations and best practices" conference by representatives of major German and Russian universities.


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