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  • From Equatorial Guinea to Russia

    Bernardino Ondo Abaga Ada and Juan Zacarías Okue Ondo Mbang, two international students in their third year of studies at the Faculty of Technological Management and Innovation, came to study in St. Petersburg four years ago from Equatorial Guinea. In an interview with ITMO.NEWS they told us about how they took preparatory courses and learned Russian, how they entered the bachelor's program and some of the peculiarities of studying in Russia.


  • Exchange Student Shares: “I was truly surprised by the city”

    Read about what brought one of our exchange students to ITMO University. Alexander Arabadjiev who has lived in the United States, Bulgaria, Germany and now Russia shares his story of being an international student.


  • Around the World and Now at ITMO

    One of our students, Feyzullah Hadisov from Azerbaijan, shares with us his experiences abroad and how he ended up at ITMO University studying Computer System Information Security. 


  • ITMO Graduate from India on Benefits of Double Degree

    Soumen Banerjee came to ITMO University in September 2015 after getting his Bachelor’s degree in Calcutta. He enrolled at ITMO’s High-Performance Computing Department on a double-degree program and spent the first year of his studies in St. Petersburg. Having received his Master’s degree in Big Data, Soumen explains why the experience he acquired in his studies may well be a key part of his professional career and why the young specialist wants to come back to Russia.


  • Ecological Raids: International Ecocamp at Yagodnoe

    The international volunteer camp Ecological Raids was held at ITMO University’s health-and-sports center Yagodnoe. For two weeks students from 12 countries attended talks and workshops on social and ecological projects, came up with ideas for Ecohouses and got to know more about Russian culture. All of this happened on the shores of a beautiful lake in the Karelian isthmus. 


  • Study Abroad in One of the Best Universities in Finland

    Jumping on a 3.5 hour train ride to study in a new place for a semester might not sound a lot like ‘study abroad’, especially when you live in a country as large as Russia, but for ITMO student Mariya Shaposhnikova, crossing the border over to Finland and spending a semester at Aalto University turned out to be a really rewarding and eye-opening experience.


  • Big Data and the Russian Dream

    If you’re from Pakistan and are thinking about studying in Russia, you might want to hear about a first-hand account of how it all works, and what studying in Russia could look like for you. In fact, you’ll laugh a lot when you find out how to say “how are you?” and “good” in Russian.


  • From Lagos to St. Petersburg

    One of ITMO’s most beloved and well-known native English speakers is Chineye Osuoha, more affectionately known as Jayjay. He makes frequent appearances in ITMO photographs and advertisements and having already taught for four years both staff and students of the University, he is already a household name. 


  • Adapting To Russia: International Students Share Their Experience

    Education, communication, traditions, living conditions, food and weather - all of those change dramatically for international students who come to study in Russia. To adapt to the new environment, they can rely on specialists from the International Students Learning and Support Center; yet, having the right attitude is important as well, believe the exchange students from Europe and Brazil who came to ITMO for the IT and Business Innovations in Russia course. In an interview with our newsportal, they shared their experience of studying at ITMO University.


  • A New Level of Being International

    When we talk about international students at our University, we are usually thinking of someone who comes from another country with another culture to study here. But often we don’t quite take international as literally as we should. Abid Mossalli, an international student from the Faculty of Software Engineering and Computer Systems takes "international" to an entirely new level.


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