Things to Do in St. Petersburg this Weekend: December 22-23

Good day to you all, and here’s our weekly review of the events you may find interesting!

December 23 marks the beginning of New Year’s celebrations in St. Petersburg. At 17:00, the citizens and city officials will greet Ded Moroz (Russian counterpart to Santa Claus and Father Christmas) and participate in an immersive show at the city’s main Christmas Tree, or “Yolka”, on the Palace Square. A less official and a more fun event will take place prior to the show: the Ded Moroz Race. Hundreds of participants aged 14 and higher, all dressed as Ded Moroz, will race along the city center - definitely a sight to see. You can learn the details and sign up for the race on its official website.

Another major event, which will open at Peter and Paul Fortress, is Ice Fantasy 2018, a grand exhibition of ice carvings depicting St. Petersburg’s major landmarks, legendary creatures and fairytale characters, created by a team of award-winning sculptors. The overall amount of ice spent on this grand show exceeds 180 tons; this year, the organizers offer to introduce various novelties that are still being kept secret. 

For those are somewhat  tired of the cold and snows of winter, there’s a whole different event that offers the warm feel of tropical sun and endless summer - the Shards of a Rainbow festival of orchids. The event will take place at the Saint Petersburg Botanical Garden.

All through the weekend, there’ll also be the Vegan Fest at Loft Project Etagi. Everyone who’s interested in ecology, vegetarianism, veganism or simply trying new, unusual foods will have the opportunity to participate in different workshops, learn about vegan cooking, yoga and “green” philosophy. 

This weekend, several more New Year’s fairs will also open in St. Petersburg. Among the most noteworthy ones are: Art Elka, organized by Saint Petersburg Art and Industry Academy, the New Year’s Bazaar at New Holland, and the Christmas Fair at the Pioneer square. Each offers an exciting program; by the way, ITMO University will also have a booth at the former event. 

We hope your weekend will be festive! Yours, ITMO.NEWS.

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