ITMO University Researchers Developed the Coating for Vascular Grafts, which Dissolves Clots

Researchers of ITMO University invented a coating for vascular grafts, which prevents thrombosis. Thanks to the new technology patients with vascular grafts will forget about blood-thinning meds.

Nowadays implanting of artificial blood vessels is a widespread method of heart disease therapy. However sometimes it leads to partial or complete blockage of a vessel.  To eliminate this consequence patients have to take blood thinners.

The group of researchers under the leadership of Vladimir Vinogradov, the head of the International Laboratory “Solution Chemistry of Advanced Materials and Technologies”, developed the thrombolytic sol–gel coating for vascular grafts. Thanks to its nanoarchitecture the problem area of the blood system is always supplied with the necessary thrombolytic enzymes that prevent clots from appearing. 

“This coating provides unhampered bloodstream preventing thrombosis,” said Yulia Chapurina, Master Student and one of the inventors of the project.

Modern vascular grafts are medicated and they emit the drug into the bloodstream. However the concentration of the medication in the graft decreases with time and then clots may reappear. The new technology is based on drug entrapping. It means that the protective coating holds it inside the vascular graft, which makes the productive lifespan of such graft virtually limitless.

The researchers of ITMO University published results of their research in the “Journal of Medicinal Chemistry”.


Aleksander Pushkash

News portal editorial office

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