Vlog on Eating Cheap, Fast and Healthy by ITMO Student

“Hungry Student”, it’s a cliché which you can’t get away from. Students are always hungry, even if they live at home with their parents, let alone those that live in dorms. Sergei Burganov, a student from the Faculty of Secondary Vocational Education, who is studying Cyber Security, wants to put an end to this problem, so he started a video blog which he uses to tell people how to eat simple, healthy food without spending too much money. 

Won’t go hungry

The videoblog “Hungry student” was launched recently, and there are already three episodes on the channel. In the first one, Sergey and his professional chef Yuri Popov show their viewers how to make a tasty sandwich, in the second they show a recipe for shawarma, and in the third they make salad and a dessert. All the meals are fast, healthy, and “take-away”.

“One evening, I was eating the usual buckwheat porridge and decided that I need to cook something new, so I started looking on the internet for simple recipes for students who want to eat something tasty but not worry about too much prep. I tried different meals from different cuisines around the world and put it all in bread: pizza, pasta. I think it’s a great option, not only for students, but also for active people who want to take something compact, filling and healthy with them on the road.” explained Sergey Burganov.

On the blog they show how to cook using a simple stovetop, basically whatever is available in a university dormitory. They also plan to make future videos about how to make healthy food for overseas trips or hiking.

How to make videos about food

Sergey first got some experience by checking out what other videobloggers prepared. “Hungry student”, he explained, differs from other vlogs in that the information is presented more clearly and easy to understand. The content is filled with jokes giving it an “entertainment” factor. It helps that there’s an actual chef on the program, it gives it more legitimacy, since Popov shares about cooking from a professional point of view.

“On the vlog, I talk with Yuri, ask him questions, we discuss different subjects, not just cooking. Before filming we think about recipes, but the conversation is mostly improvisation. So overall, it takes less than an hour to make each episode. It’s just my hobby so it doesn’t affect my studies”, explained ITMO University’s student.

According to him, his classmates are also interested in his new hobby and want to help out with recording.

Who watches videos about food?

There’s a lot of cooking channels on YouTube these days, where food lovers and professionals try to cook something exotic, or ordinary. Often those who watch these channels cook rarely themselves and experiment with food even less.

“Hungry student” is watched not only by students but other chefs, explained Sergey. The bloggers interact with the audience and encourage subscribers to send their own recipes. The two bloggers also participate in different cooking workshops around the city. Recently they went to Pavlovsk and showed how to make vegetable frittatas.

Sergey Burganov

Recipes for the eternally hungry, and life hacks for cooking overseas

Students don’t like to stay in the same place for long, they love to travel. Sergey Burganov is certain that even when you’re travelling you can eat well. So here are some of his life hacks:

  1. Take food with you from home. If you have hand luggage, fill it up with pasta and buckwheat!
  2. Buy ready-made salads in the supermarkets, they’re the same everywhere.
  3. Avoid frozen foods, they could be bad.
  4. When in doubt, get sausages! You can survive on them.  
  5. And if you’re tired of sausages and pasta with mayonnaise, you can always make a light and cheap dessert from Sergey and Yuri! Mix 400 grams of cottage cheese and cream cheese, 200 grams of sour cream and pour it all in a cup! Add raisins for taste. 
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