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  • ITMO University PhD Student Awarded Ostrogradski Scholarship

    Tatyana Latynina, a PhD student at ITMO University’s Faculty of Photonics and Optical Information, made it to the list of awardees of the Ostrogradski Program’s Scholarship. Held annually, the program aims at helping young scientists from Russia visit research laboratories in France to conduct joint research projects together with their French colleagues. This fall, Tatyana will spend a month and a half at the University of Rouen, where she will study advanced electrical aluminum alloys. Such materials are now being studied intensively by various research groups all over the world. Research in this field opens up new opportunities for controlling the materials’ properties, such as their strength, heat resistance, and electrical conductivity.


  • IT for Financial Experts: Bank Saint Petersburg Employees Received ITMO University Professional Development Certificates

    The conference hall of Bank Saint Petersburg hosted the closing ceremony of the professional development course created by ITMO University’s National Center for Cognitive Technologies (NCCT). Each participant was granted standard-issue certificates and three students with the highest scores received special gifts from the NCCT. Read on to learn more about the course and its unique features.


  • Emotions You Can Touch: St. Petersburg Researchers' Unique Science Art Project

    A group of St. Petersburg media artists and scientists have found a way to make creation of art more accessible to blind and vision-impaired people. As part of their project, artists translate emotions into abstract graphic artwork and use them to create a sculpture garden on the premises of the Konstantine Grot boarding school for the visually impaired. Mikhail Klimovskiy, advisor to ITMO University Rector, and Yuri Didevich, a filmmaker, media artist and independent researcher, acted as the project’s curators. Read more about their project, future plans, and inclusivity in art in this article by ITMO.NEWS. 


  • Russian and Swedish Scientists Work Together on New Biomedical Product

    ITMO University scientists in collaboration with their colleagues from the Swedish University of Agricultural Sciences (SLU University), Uppsala, Sweden, have developed biocomposites made of proteins based on natural spider silk and optically active nanoparticles. What is remarkable about the new material is that it combines the properties of natural silk fiber and synthetic particles. The biocomposite has unique mechanical characteristics and can give a detectable optical response when exposed to infrared radiation, which makes it a potential candidate for biomedical applications. This article was published in ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces.


  • Startup Boom: SumIT Summer School at ITMO University

    For the third time in a row, ITMO University’s Entrepreneurship Center organizes the SumIT international summer startup school. This year, SumIT is held as part of the StartUp Connect cross-border cooperation program. That’s why the program was, first and foremost, aimed at students from ITMO University and Häme University of Applied Sciences (HAMK University), Finland. Also participating are students from Finland, China and Bangladesh, as well as experts from the Entrepreneurship Center and businesspeople.


  • Twin Campus Project: Establishing Collaboration Between Russian and Finnish Universities

    Very few technologies and ideas produced at universities are commercialized and turned into successful businesses. To solve this problem and explore effective models of collaboration between universities and the industry, Russia and Finland have launched the Twin Campus project. Part of the South-East Finland-Russia Cross-Border Cooperation program, Twin Campus is implemented by the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences and ITMO University. Among the project’s partners are St. Petersburg Technopark, St. Petersburg Foundation for SME Development, and the regional Finnish company Cursor Oy. On June 25, ITMO University hosted the first working meeting of the project, where the participants discussed its key tasks and challenges.


  • Scientists Develop New Probes for Magnetic Resonance Microscopy Based on Unique Ceramics

    Scientists from ITMO University in collaboration with colleagues of the NeuroSpin research center and Institut Fresnel from France have developed a new probe for magnetic resonance microscopy. A unique composite material developed by St. Petersburg enterprise Ceramics Jsc. and patented in Russia and the US was used for this project. Experiments showed that the new probe’s sensitivity is two times higher than that of the commonly used probes made of copper. The probes developed with the help of ceramics make it possible to decrease the time required to collect data from biological samples as well as increase the quality of images. The article was published in Advanced Materials.


  • ITMO Signs Collaboration Agreement With Dassault Systemes

    On June 5, representatives of ITMO University and Dassault Systemes met to sign a collaboration agreement and discuss new areas of cooperation. As a result, teams of ITMO startups will get an opportunity to make use of the company’s software, which holds leadership positions in the field of design, 3D digital mock-up, and marketing.


  • ITMO University Starts Lectures at New Holland

    Every year, the New Holland Island hosts Open Lecture Hall, a series of regular lectures and other educational events for visitors of the city’s trendiest public space. Among the project’s partners are the European University in St. Petersburg, the Higher School of Economics, the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as other cultural and educational organizations. Starting this April, ITMO University joins the project and launches its own series of lectures on science and technology.


  • Business Software: Seminar at Dassault Systèmes Company

    Earlier this March, the Future Technologies ITMO Accelerator and ITMO.TECH held a meeting with representatives of Dassault Systèmes, a world leader in the field of 3D development, design, and marketing. Several projects conducted by ITMO University researchers and selected by the jury were presented at the meeting. In the future, some of these projects will be involved in collaboration with Dassault Systèmes and will be able to use the company’s products in their work. In this article, ITMO.NEWS publishes the highlights of the presentation.


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