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  • ITMO-UCLA Partner Program Graduates Showcase Projects

    Participants of the program “Next Generation of Women Leaders in Higher Education”, implemented by UCLA in collaboration with ITMO University, have spent six months working on their projects. Last Friday they presented their results at a meeting in St. Petersburg. Read on to find out how thousands of university employees can be brought together through a social network and how the students’ support system works in the USA.

  • Women in Photonics: Arti Agrawal on Female Scientists and Cultural Differences

    Dr. Arti Agrawal, lecturer of City University of London and Vice-President of IEEE Photonic Society’s Women in Photonics initiative, came to ITMO to take part in the International Optical Seminar including the session Women in Photonics. ITMO.NEWS asked the scientist about career development and gender discrimination. 

  • Do Male and Female Scientists Collaborate Differently?

    February 11 is International Day of Women and Girls in Science. At ITMO University, we’re committed to investing in opportunities to education, research and leadership for both genders. Do male and female scientists collaborate differently? A much-discussed study sheds some light.

  • Female Scientists on Their Work, Inspiration and the Magic of Science

    On February, 11th, it was the International Day of Women and Girls in Science. Scientist is one of the world's most interesting jobs, but it sure is not easy. We've asked female scientists from ITMO University to share about how they came to work as scientists, what they dream to achieve and what inspires them.

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