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  • ITMO Students and Staff Take Part in Startup Festival *ship

    In the beginning of August 2019, students and staff of ITMO University took part in *ship, a major startup event in South-East Finland, as part of the Finland-Russia cross-border cooperation program’s project Startup Connect. This year’s event brought together 50 teams from more than 20 countries. Keep reading to find out what participants from ITMO University have to say about their experience sharing expertise with colleagues from abroad.


  • ITMO University and United Investors Syndicate Launch a Joint Program Univest

    ITMO University and the investment platform United Investors launch Univest, a joint national program for angel and venture investment into hi-tech projects of Russian universities.


  • ITMO Technopark Resident Cerevrum Receives Its Second Million-Dollar Investment

    In 2016 the company Cerevrum Inc, which creates VR-based educational content for the corporate sector, attracted one million USD in investments from the co-founder of Oculus. Three years later, the company has now been granted another million by the Russian venture firm LETA Capital. A year earlier, Cerevrum became a resident of ITMO University’s Technopark; just recently, the company bought out its 7% share from the Internet Initiatives Development Fund (IIDF). We’ve previously written about the project in detail here. Read on to learn how Cerevrum earned the investment and what it means for the company’s future.


  • ITMO Signs Collaboration Agreement With Dassault Systemes

    On June 5, representatives of ITMO University and Dassault Systemes met to sign a collaboration agreement and discuss new areas of cooperation. As a result, teams of ITMO startups will get an opportunity to make use of the company’s software, which holds leadership positions in the field of design, 3D digital mock-up, and marketing.


  • Cybersport, Innovative Healthcare and Retail Solutions: Startups Present Their Projects at iHarvest Angels Pitch Session

    ITMO University’s business accelerator Future Technologies has recently hosted a pitch session by the business angels club iHarvest Angels. Its aim was to select promising projects to invest in their development. Three winning projects will receive consulting support from leading experts as well as an opportunity to attract financing. 


  • Exploring North Rhine-Westphalia: St. Pete Startuppers Pitch to German Companies

    In early April, the startup pitch-session “Smart City. New markets for Russian startups: exploring North Rhine-Westphalia” took place as part of the 16th week of Germany in St. Petersburg. ITMO Technopark invited projects that focus on inventions in the field of smart cities, transport infrastructure and waste processing. Entrepreneurs presented their ideas to the business communities of Russia and Germany and received valuable feedback.


  • Water-Spraying Parasols and Smart Traveling Apparel: Projects by Teens in Tech

    Teens in Tech, a school of technological entrepreneurship for high school students, has just wrapped up at ITMO University’s Faculty of Technological Management and Innovations. Over the course of four days, the students worked to create their own business projects, learning about innovation business and technological entrepreneurship along the way. Read on to find all about the completed projects by the participants of this year’s spring Teens in Tech.


  • Startup Veteran on Beginners’ Common Mistakes: A Founder’s Main KPI is Staying Alive

    Steve Korshakov helped make a messenger for, won competitions set up by Telegram, and worked as a programmer for JetBrains. Yet what he considers his biggest achievement are the projects he developed on his own. Korshakov has founded half a dozen startups and acquired valuable experience through winning, losing, and partnering up with America’s top accelerator Y Combinator. Today, he is the CTO of Openland, a business messenger app. As part of the Expert Week at the Yasnaya Polyana coworking space, Korshakov shared his tips for fledgling entrepreneurs, warned them of the industry’s pitfalls, and explained how one can become partner to the world’s biggest accelerator.


  • Quantum Communications Project at ITMO Receives 100 Million Rubles Investment

    A strategic investor has acquired one half of the Quanttelecom project, established by one of ITMO University’s small innovative enterprises. The project produces fiber-optic quantum encryption equipment and systems with a high level of data security. JSC SMARTS, the project’s investor, has announced its plans to upscale the technology and release the product on the Russian and global markets.


  • Do It Yourself: How to Start Projects from Scratch and Make a Career out of Your Hobby

    How to make your ideas a reality without almost any resources at hand? How to find like-minded enthusiasts set on working for a common goal? How to turn your interests into a successful career? Kirill Bodrov, head of ITMO’s Open Laboratory of Ideas, Methods, and Practices (OLIMP), shared the answers to these topical questions during his lecture held as part of the Science Week in the Gogol Library.


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