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  • Scientists Develop World’s First Photonic Quadrupolar Topological Insulator

    An international team of scientists from Russia and the USA that includes researchers from ITMO University presented the world’s first photonic quadrupolar topological insulator. As opposed to the existing two-dimensional topological insulators, these new structures have only recently started to be researched. In the future, this research can open the way to the creation of new reliable traditional and quantum-optical devices with a higher-order topological defense, as well as topologically protected sources of classical and quantum light. The research was conducted with support from the Russian Foundation for Basic Research and published in Nature Photonics. 


  • Engineer and Scientist in One: How ITMO Trains Developers of New MRI Systems

    The MRI technology has long established itself as an indispensable tool for medical diagnostics. However, today’s scientists continue to work on its development and the creation of new, improved systems. One of the most important aspects in this direction is the work with ultra-high-field tomographs, which can significantly increase the accuracy of medical research. Developers of the new MRI devices are trained at ITMO University’s Master’s program “Radiofrequency Systems and Devices”, which gives its students the option of choosing to study a specialized MRI track. While still in their Master’s studies, they can engage in scientific research, as well as participate in internships abroad as part of an international research group. More on the program’s educational process and what specialists it trains.


  • 2019 Presidential Scholarship: ITMO Winners on Their Research and Internships

    Seventeen young scientists from ITMO University have become winners of the presidential scholarship contest. This academic year, they can go abroad to study and work alongside their international colleagues solving scientific tasks in their fields of focus. We spoke to some of the winners to find out what research they work on, which universities they chose for their exchange, and whether the victory came as a surprise. 


  • ITMO University Researchers Develop ‘Smart Table’ for Wireless Charging at Record Distance

    Scientists from ITMO University have developed a prototype of a metasurface-based device that can be placed or embedded in a table in order to provide wireless charge to several gadgets at once. This “smart table” can wirelessly transmit energy without significant losses over the distance of a meter, which is hundreds of times more than the limit of existing wireless chargers. The researchers experimentally tested the device’s performance and described the physics behind it. The study was published in Physics Review Applied. 


  • ITMO’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering Launches a Projects Contest

    Project activities allow students to more creatively approach problem-solving and trains them for work in business environments and promotion of their own, and practically useful, products. To enhance the applications of project-oriented approach in education, ITMO University’s Faculty of Physics and Engineering launched a contest for filling of the positions of developers and mentors of educational projects in the subject area of physics. The winners will receive financial support and the opportunity to bring their ideas into reality both at ITMO and the Sirius educational center in Sochi.


  • The New Kilogram: Reasons Behind Upcoming Measurement Reform

    Held in Versailles, the 26th General Conference on Weights and Measures was the site of a historic decision to redefine the kilogram. Simply put, it is now immaterial and will be defined via a formula and not, as it had been before, via a material artifact. The effect of that change is that we can now reproduce the perfect kilogram anywhere on Earth without using conventional measurement devices or making comparisons to a standard physical prototype.


  • Scientists Propose a Fully Optical Method for Near-Field Reshaping and Enhancement in Hybrid Metal-Dielectric Oligomers

    Scientists from ITMO University in collaboration with researchers from Saint Petersburg Academic University have developed a fully optical method that allows to reconfigure the properties of hybrid metal-dielectric oligomers in the near field. This offers a simpler and cheaper alternative to the existing methods of working with such structures. The use of metal-dielectric oligomers has a lot of potential for developing new data recording devices, as well as in sensor science. The research was published in Laser & Photonics Reviews.


  • Scientists Create First Topological Nanostructures Which Make Infrared Light Visible

    An international group of physicists has developed a topological nanostructure that converts infrared radiation into green light. It is represented by zigzag arrays of silicon nanodisks with diameters of 500 nanometers placed on a glass substrate. The results have been published in Nature Nanotechnology.


  • Tel Aviv University Professor Boris Malomed on Non-Linear Physics and Solitons

    The field of optics has the potential to radically change the way we use information. During a visit to ITMO University, Professor Boris Malomed from the Tel Aviv University shared some insights into his work. Prof. Malomed has spent more than 30 years in the field of non-linear optics and solitons. His h-index is among the highest of all researchers in this subject area. In an interview for ITMO.NEWS, Boris Malomed explained how optics shape our lives today and what effects it has on other fields of physics.


  • ITMO Students Take First Place in Physics Competition

    For the first time ever, ITMO University students won the annual regional student competition in physics. Denis Sedov and Anton Shubnik, second-year Bachelor’s students at the Faculty of Physics and Engineering, took first place in both team and individual championships. The competition was held at St. Petersburg Electrotechnical University “LETI”. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, the winners share their advice on how to solve competitions tasks to succeed.


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