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  • MIT Professor Marin Soljacic: AI Will Play a Large Role in the Future of Research

    In 2007, the New York Times named Marin Soljačić as the author of one of that year’s top 70 “curious, inspired, and perplexing” inventions. The celebrated scientist, winner of numerous awards, and MIT professor is known to the world as, first and foremost, a researcher of wireless energy transfer technology. His experiments and studies on the subject are often compared to those of Nicola Tesla. In recent years, Prof. Soljačić has been exploring the applications of photonic crystals in solar energy production and the usage of machine learning algorithms in photonics. He presented a report on his latest research during the METANANO conference, which has recently concluded in St. Petersburg. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, Marin Soljačić discusses the effects of the latest tech on research and explains why scientists must not limit themselves to a single field of study.


  • ITMO Developers on Creating an Evaluation System for Plagiarism Detection in 48 Hours

    ITMO University developers Anton Belyy and Dmitry Nekrasov came up with a new system for evaluation of plagiarism detection algorithms. Using this system, one can understand what algorithms work best when ensuring text originality. The new system was experimentally tested, with the results of the experiments available on GitHub. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, the developers share about their project.


  • Future Culture Lab: Artists and Scientists Present Their Vision of Tomorrow

    How much of your personal data are you willing to share in order to enjoy various comforts? Can a neural network replace a living person? Can we cope with digital doubles? Questions posed by modern technology paint pictures that are either horrifying or inspiring, but always outlandish. Participants of the Future Culture Lab, held at ITMO University with support from the TECHNE art project and University NTI 20.35, tried to express their concerns and answer these questions through art projects that combined new technology and creative thought.


  • ITMO Master’s Students Develop Lung Diagnostics Device

    Master’s students from ITMO University have proposed the use of convolutional neural networks for automatic wheeze detection in lung sounds. The project called LungDiagnostics (Laeneco) concerns the development of an electronic stethoscope is used to detect and monitor wheezing. The results of the research have been published in an article in Lecture Notes in Computer Science, while the developers have been awarded a grant by the Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises in Science and Technology.


  • ITMO Graduate’s Startup Uses Neural Networks to Make Online Ads Useful

    ITMO graduate Vitaly Sotnikov’s startup NativeOS provides a way to automate native video advertising. The algorithm chooses which videos to embed the client’s advertisements in so that they fit the needs of its viewers. NativeOS is currently preparing for a full-on launch on the US market. Vitaly Sotnikov came to his alma mater on business – and found time to talk to ITMO.NEWS about his project and how it works.


  • Neural Networks Can Identify Any Person’s Age

    An international group of scientists which included researchers from ITMO University has developed an algorithm that can determine a person’s age, based on their nationality and sex, using an online blood test. Data from more than 120,000 people from Canada, South Korea, and Eastern Europe has been used to identify the key ageing indicators of these populations. Then, they taught neural networks to account for the relevance of particular indicators. This contributed to improving the technique’s precision: for now, the standard deviation is less than six years.


  • RAISON Developers on Using AI for Financial Analysis

    On November 11 to 14, the d10e conference on financial technologies was held in Davos, Switzerland. Among the topics were FinTech, ICO, blockchain, sharing economy. RAISON, a project by ITMO’s small innovative enterprise “Intellectual Information Systems” (IIS) and Threesixty Elements S.A. was presented there. In the near future, RAISON will become an investor’s pocket assistant: the system analyses the market, news and historical data to advise users on investment strategies. The project is based on elements of the AI system AKIL.IO developed by IIS. Denis Zhuk, AKIL.IO’s sales manager and PhD student at ITMO, and Andrey Gordeychuk, head of IIS, talk about RAISON and the integration of new technologies into the investment ecosystem.


  • Fabio Bagarello on Quantum Computing and Importance of Interdisciplinary Research

    Professor Fabio Bagarello from the University of Palermo (Italy) came to ITMO to give a talk on the  applications of quantum theory in the mathematical modeling of various systems. He told ITMO.NEWS about the possible use of quantum computation in modeling and why quantum computers are not on sale yet. Professor Bagarello is certain: students and scientists still have a lot to learn and work on in this field. The newly opened Master’s program "Cognitive Technologies and Quantum Intellect" - one of a kind in Russia so far - will train specialists in the field of mathematical modeling of complex socio-economic processes using modern methods of quantum information theory and cognitive technologies. Read our material and find out more about quantum computations, areas of their application and why specialists in the field of quantum mechanics need to have a good knowledge of sociology, political science and economics.


  • Neural Networks As Translators: Jorg Tiedemann's Lecture At AINL Conference

    ITMO University has recently hosted the Artificial Intelligence and Natural Languages Conference, where experts from all over the world discussed the relevant issues of neural networks' development, semantic technologies, and deep learning. Jörg Tiedemann, a professor at the University of Helsinki, whose research is focused on improving the quality of the computer-aided translation, gave a lecture on its history and the new opportunities offered by neural networks.


  • ITMO Student Wins Sberbank Scholarship to Develop Neural Network for Investment Planning

    Natalia Khanzhina, Ph.D. student at the Computer Technologies Department, is the recipient of a scholarship from Sberbank. The fledgling researcher took part in an IT project competition that required her to make a system that would create customized investment portfolios for customers. The program involves deep-learning technology; after completion, it will be adopted by the bank’s system while Natalia herself will have the opportunity to intern in the company’s IT department or even find employment there.


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