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  • First Renga Software Authorized Training Center Slated to Open at ITMO University

    The Renga Software company and ITMO University have signed a partnership agreement; among the partners’ future plans is the opening of Renga’s first authorized training center. There, instructors from ITMO University will introduce Renga’s BIM software to specialists whose previous experience involved working with two- and three-dimensional CAD software. Renga’s products will also be a part of the educational process at the university.

  • Dimensions: New Analysis Platform Makes Science Trends Analysis Easier

    The global web-platform, Dimensions has just become available to users across the world; scientists, investors, students and others can use it to gain extensive insight into modern science. The service provides information on tens of millions of scientific articles, patents, grants and clinical trials, as well as a great deal of other data, all of it cross-referenced. This platform is likely to help predict and determine the course of scientific development and identify the areas of study with the greatest potential.

  • Eleven ITMO Scientists Receive Presidential Scholarships

    The Russian Ministry of Education and Science, along with the Presidential Grant Council, have announced the results of the open competition for presidential scholarships. These scholarships are provided to young scientists and postgraduate students who work on R&D in top-priority areas vital to the modernization of the Russian economy in 2018-2020. More than 2,000 applications were made; among 575 scholarship winners, 11 came from ITMO University.

  • 10 Top Tech Trends of 2018: Part Two

    What technology will actually change users’ lives in 2018 and which trends are worth incorporating into business? This was the topic of discussion earlier this year at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the largest annual international exhibition of consumer electronics, which took place in Las Vegas. In the second part of our article, we will talk about five more trends which Gartner, Deloitte and other top companies are raving about. Read the first part of the article here.

  • ITMO and ER-Telecom Sign Research & Education Partnership Agreement

    ITMO University and the telecommunications holding company ER-Telecom have signed an agreement on a partnership in the fields of education and science. The partners plan to collaborate on specialist training and tackle challenges faced in St. Petersburg in relation to Internet of Things and smart-city technologies.

  • ITMO Begins Research on Carbon Nanodot Synthesis Methods

    The Russian Government has awarded Professor Andrey Rogach and ITMO University’s International Research and Education Center for Physics of Nanostructures with a “megagrant*” to facilitate the creation of the Laboratory “Light-emitting Carbon Quantum Nanostructures”. There, scientists will study new methods for synthesis of carbon nanodots, which are expected to find use in LEDs and for the purpose of biomedical sensing, i.e. the analysis of chemical substances in living tissue. These new eco-friendly structures will greatly fit into today’s popular “green” nanophotonics concept

  • ITMO Fellowship Stories: "Science is Our Common Language"

    Tatiana Itina, PhD, of the Laboratoire Hubert Curien at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), recently worked with ITMO’s International Laboratory "Laser Micro-and Nanotechnologies” on a project titled “Mechanisms Involved in Ultrashort Laser Interactions Used for Ultra-precise Nano-structuring of Optical Materials”. Ms. Itina shared with us her insights on building an international career, succeeding as a female researcher, and on what’s next in science.

  • Around the World and Now at ITMO

    One of our students, Feyzullah Hadisov from Azerbaijan, shares with us his experiences abroad and how he ended up at ITMO University studying Computer System Information Security. 

  • Seven Words that Describe ITMO in 2017

    It’s been a fantastic year with lots of victories for ITMO University. We love our university and we love how it’s dynamically progressing and advancing to greater heights, even having a mountain peak named after ITMO. The year is coming to an end and to celebrate we want to share with you seven of the hottest words that describe ITMO in 2017. 

  • ITMO’s Academic Council Wraps Up 2017

    This year’s final meeting of ITMO University’s Academic Council took place on 26 December. The university’s R&D results were presented by ITMO’s Vice Rector for Research, Vladimir Nikiforov, while the university’s new educational standards were presented by the First Vice Rector, Daria Kozlova. 

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