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  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: May 25-26

    This weekend, St. Petersburg celebrates its 316th birthday, so there will be no shortage of great events for you to attend.


  • The Magic of: White Nights

    White nights – a brief period from May to July when it doesn’t get totally dark at night – could be considered St. Petersburg’s calling card. The Russian poet Alexander Pushkin famously described this time as “one dawn is in a hurry to replace the other, giving night just half an hour.” But what’s it like if you live here? Breathtaking? Annoying? We asked around.


  • “Calmness, Only Calmness.” Classic Soviet Cartoons to the Rescue

    As we get to the end of the semester, here are some words of wisdom from the cartoons we grew up with that will help you go out with a bang!


  • Live from New York, It’s… Best of SNL

    Among all the time-devouring black holes the internet has to offer, Saturday Night Live is unquestionably one of the worst, and by that we mean the best. Got bills to pay? A social gathering you’d rather not make it to? Strap in, because your usual excuse of having “that thing, what thing?, that thing thing, gotta run byeee” just took on a whole new meaning. SNL: having procrastinators’ backs since 1975. And given that Movie Fridays strives to fulfill the same noble purpose, here are some of our most favorite (among the more recent) SNL skits. More recent, because there’s no way you can play favorites when talking about the Kristen Wiig (and Bill Hader, and Andy Samberg) era, although the current cast also is the bee’s knees. 


  • Master's Students from Mexico on Studying in Russia and ITMO's Art&Science Program

    Laura Elidedt Rodriguez Torres and Ethan Avila Hernandez left sunny Mexico to come to Russia and study on ITMO University’s innovative Art & Science Master’s program. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, they discuss their Art & Science experience, the quirks of living in St. Pete, and advice for international students wanting to make the jump of studying in Russia.


  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: May 18-19

    This weekend’s most awaited and exciting event is undoubtedly the Night of Museums, but there’s so much more in store! Check out the opening of Peterhof’s world-famous fountains, meet a Game of Thrones star, munch on delicious Vietnamese grub, show off your hipster cred with a rare vinyl record, or even get a tattoo – all on this very eventful weekend.


  • FAQ on Life in Russia

    The truth is: humanity is one. I grew up in Australia, and have spent the past six years living in Russia. I came here to take the challenge further and embrace yet another part of the world, to break down stereotypes, and to do my part in bringing cultures together. That has meant a change of lifestyle, a much broader outlook on the world and its history, and many hours of language study. Whenever I travel abroad, people ask me questions about life in Russia. So here are a few of my answers. 


  • Master’s Degree at ITMO University: Choosing Your Individual Track

    Starting in 2019, Master’s students at ITMO University will have the opportunity to design their individual educational tracks based on their personal interests and career plans. Aliya Bagautdinova, head of the Department of Academic Affairs at ITMO University, explains what a Master’s program at ITMO is made up of, what are specializations, and how to design your individual educational track.


  • “Expert” Analytical Center Subject Rankings: ITMO University Becomes 2019 Leader in Computer Science, Engineering and Chemistry

    Today, the new subject rankings for scientific productivity by the “Expert” analytical center have been published. ITMO University retained its leadership position in the field of Computer Science (including the Artificial Intelligence subject area), and also took the lead in chemistry, chemical technologies and management among Russian universities. The rankings focus on research work at universities and the quality of publications.


  • Places to See: Libraries of St. Petersburg

    Ah, the library. It’s where we work, study, and relax. Perhaps unjustly forgotten in today’s digital age, libraries are still a valuable source of learning and entertainment – if you only let yourself discover it. As the birthplace of Russian science and the nation’s “cultural capital”, St. Petersburg has a special relationship with these temples of knowledge. Here are the city’s best spots where you can see that for yourself:


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