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  • This Weekend in St. Petersburg: February 23-24

    Get an insight into Russian history, participate in a mind-blowing extreme show right in the city center, get your hands on some nice handmade souvenirs, and create your own perfume at the St. Petersburg Botanical Garden!


  • ITMO University and EUSP Launch Joint Master’s Program ‘Science and Technologies in Society’

    ITMO University and the European University at St. Petersburg have established a collaboration in the field of Master’s-level education and joint research. This Tuesday, February 19, the Rectors of these two universities have signed a partnership agreement and discussed their first joint Master’s program in the field of social research on science and technology.


  • Update Regarding Access to ITMO Campus Buildings on Lomonosova St. 9

    Due to the work being currently carried out by Ministry of Emergency Situations officials, until March 7, 2019 access to all buildings of the campus on Lomonosova 9 is allowed only with the approval of the committee established by a Rector's Order. No classes will take place on the premises at Lomonosova 9. The current schedule is available on the university's website and in ISU. Please note that the class schedule is updated daily.  


  • Brussels, Prague and Rio de Janeiro: Exchange Students Share Their Experiences

    This fall semester, three students from the Faculty of Food Biotechnologies and Engineering went to Brazil, the Czech Republic, and Belgium as part of ITMO University’s academic mobility program. Now, Alexandra, Sofia, and Ekaterina share some of their experience and explain what to expect when you’re going abroad to study.


  • Update on Schedule of Classes for February 19, 2019

    We wish to remind you that on February 18-19, 2019, all classes scheduled to take place at Lomonosova St. 9 are canceled as per an official Rector's Order. All changes in the schedule of classes can be seen here.


  • Ex-Executive Director of Nobel Foundation Michael Sohlman: How to Win the Nobel Prize

    The Innovative Economics Week at ITMO University came to a close with an open lecture and discussion featuring Michael Sohlman, the ex-Executive Director of the Nobel Foundation (1992-2011), a member of the Stockholm Institute of Transition Economies, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences and the Royal Swedish Academy of Engineering Sciences. Mr. Sohlman expressed his thoughts on what he considers the key traits for anyone aspiring to become a Nobel Laureate, and shared some curious facts about the Nobel Prize.


  • A Notice Regarding the Cancellation of Classes at Lomonosova St. 9

    On February 18-19, 2019, all classes in all buildings of the ITMO University campus at Lomonosova St. 9 are canceled.


  • On Safety Review of ITMO University Campus Complex at Lomonosova St. 9

    ITMO University has contacted the Emergency Response Group, established to oversee the clean-up efforts, to conduct safety reviews of Buildings 1, 3, and 4 in addition to the safety review of Building 2 at Lomonosova St. 9. Reviews will be carried out by the St. Petersburg State Construction Supervision and Expertise Service. The goal of these additional reviews will be to determine the viability of continued educational activity. The estimated end date of the review is February 19, 2019. Access to all buildings on Lomonosova St. 9 on February 18-19 is allowed only under the approval of the committee established by Order 119-od signed on February 16, 2019. On February 18-19, no classes will be held in the buildings located at Lomonosova St. 9.  


  • Information on the Emergency Situation at the ITMO University Building on Lomonosova St. 9

    On February 16, 2019, at approximately 5 pm, a partial collapse of the second-through-fifth floors occurred at the ITMO University building on Lomonosova St. 9, building A. This building is a separate structure that is a part of the educational campus made up of several buildings located at Lomonosova St. 9 and connected via  passageways.


  • Movie Fridays: Disconnect… The Person You’re Trying to Reach is Currently Unavailable

    With cinemas screening either ever-so-slightly art house-tinged dramas about famous historical figures and their pets, or overly provocative (to my overly sensitive taste) Lars von Trier thrillers, or even worse, Valentine’s themed trite Russian sitcoms about couples breaking up and getting back together again (or not), one may feel the need for something safe and sound, something simple (but not too simple) and relatable. Here is an option for you.


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