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  • No Cords, No Cars: An ITMO University Lecture Takes a Peek Into Our Digital Future

    ITMO University has recently hosted the lecture “Digital World: How to Keep Up With the Times”, which explored the specifics of building a career in the era of internet, gadgets and widespread robotization. The speakers – psychologist, business coach, career orientation specialist and ITMO University lecturer Maria Ososkova, and educational events manager, online courses producer and online education coordinator Evgeny Trokhov – told their audience about the unique trends that have the potential to bring about a sea change in our professional lives in the years to come.


  • ITMO Graduate and Entrepreneur Denis Ovcharov on Importance of Soft Skills

    Having graduated from ITMO University in 2007, Denis Ovcharov has managed to build a career in such corporations as KPMG, one of the largest Big Four audit companies along with Deloitte, Ernst & Young and PwC, and Ilim Group, the leading company in the pulp and paper industry in Russia. Now the graduate is developing his own business, while last year, he became the winner of Leaders of Russia, a competition for specialists in the field of management. Denis Ovcharov has recently given an open lecture on leadership and strategic thinking for ITMO University students. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, he shares about the importance of having a technical background, why it is crucial for programmers to hone their soft skills, and how to choose your career path.


  • 10 Rules of Eco-Friendly Behavior: Expert on Simple Sustainability Lifehacks

    Egor Zadereev, a PhD in biological sciences and member of Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences’ research center, has recently visited St. Petersburg with a lecture “10 Rules of Eco-Friendly Behavior” as part of the Energy of Science project. In his presentation, Egor spoke about the myths existing around the eco-friendly movement and shared simple actions that have the power to help the planet. ITMO.NEWS reports with the keynotes from the event.


  • This Is (Not) Art: Insights into the Origins of Art, Its Connection to Science and the Makings of a Masterpiece

    Nina Gavrish, a prominent art historian, has recently gave an open lecture in St. Petersburg. An educational programs coordinator and researcher at the Museum of the Russian Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg, in This Is (Not) Art Nina Gavrish moots the open-for-debate questions on the definition of art and what can be considered as civilizational legacy and world-class chefs-d’œuvre. The lecture was followed by a discussion on contemporary art and its new genres, including Science Art. ITMO.NEWS put down the keynotes.


  • Creator of Near-Field Microscopes Satoshi Kawata Gives a Talk at ITMO University

    Photonics, optics, and metamaterials are among the key fields of focus for ITMO, and it is constantly advancing its collaborations with international experts who come to the university to share their expertise. One example is a recent visit by Satoshi Kawata, a Japanese scientist whose pioneering works changed these fields forever. Creator of near-field microscopes and honorary scientist of RIKEN, Japan’s largest and most comprehensive research organization for basic and applied science, Prof. Kawata visited ITMO University's Centre for Information Optical Technologies with a presentation on his research. 


  • Stellar Living: Bright New World of Space Design

    The space discoveries of the 1960-70s changed people’s perception of the future, as well as fashion, architecture and design. What must be done to prepare people for living in space? A lot of architects and designers from the US, Italy, Japan and Russia attempted to answer this question and understand what our future in space will be like. Their projects had a great impact on today’s trends in design. In her recent lecture “Space Age: the Era of Space Design”, Anastasiia Yarmosh, a PhD in art history, associate professor and head of ITMO University’s Art&Science Center, expanded on the role these projects play in our daily life.


  • Light in the City: How Light Affects Our Mood and Emotions

    May 16 is celebrated globally as the International Day of Light. Established by UNESCO, it is a global initiative that provides a platform for the continued appreciation of light and the role it plays in science, culture, and art. To commemorate this day, Mikhail Ivanov, a lighting designer and chief expert on urban lighting projects at the Strelka design bureau, gave an open lecture at the State Russian Museum’s Multimedia Center about the key factors one needs to consider when developing good urban lighting solutions.


  • ITMO University Starts Lectures at New Holland

    Every year, the New Holland Island hosts Open Lecture Hall, a series of regular lectures and other educational events for visitors of the city’s trendiest public space. Among the project’s partners are the European University in St. Petersburg, the Higher School of Economics, the Garage Museum of Contemporary Art, as well as other cultural and educational organizations. Starting this April, ITMO University joins the project and launches its own series of lectures on science and technology.


  • How Sciences Falter: Historian on Dermatoglyphics and Phrenology

    There are many companies in Russia that offer to test one’s innate abilities based on their fingerprints. In fact, such tests are long deemed pseudoscientific, and those who do them can be compared with palm-readers and astrologists. Ivan Shirobokov, a doctoral candidate in History and staff member of the Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography (Kunstkamera), has recently delivered a lecture where he explained the popularity of pseudoscientific forecasts. ITMO.NEWS put down the bullet points.


  • Plastic Cards from Magnetic Stripes to Apple Pay: How Payment Industry Changed Over 70 Years

    Do you know how your bank card operates? How is security of transactions ensured? And why a wrong amount of money can be deducted from your card when paying for goods abroad? These questions were answered by Dmitry Kochelaev, an ITMO graduate and the head of development at Solanteq, a company specializing in innovative payment solutions, in his open lecture for the Open Fintech series at ITMO University. Here are the keynotes.


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