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  • Software Engineering Program by ITMO and JetBrains: Students Share

    ​Last year, ITMO University and the JetBrains company launched the “Software Engineering” corporate Master’s program. Apart from completing traditional practical assignments, its students also get to work on projects under the guidance of JetBrains’ developers and representatives of its partner companies in order to present their results at the end of each semester. We’ve asked some of them about working with leading developers from major companies, as well as the advantages of following a corporate Master’s program.


  • Andrey Breslav on Kotlin, Time-Management, and Being a Programmer

    Several years ago, ITMO University graduate Andrey Breslav joined the development team of the international company JetBrains, where he oversees the creation of a new programming language Kotlin. In the past year alone, Kotlin has been used by more than two million developers worldwide; it has also become an official programming language for Android, and set its sights on entering the top-five of world’s most popular programming languages in the near future. In parallel to his work at JetBrains, Andrey is busy running his own project, service app Alter, which helps users find a personal psychotherapist based on a special searching algorithm. In his recent open interview held as part of the project ‘Everything Is Possible in St. Petersburg’, Andrey shared about how to develop a new programming language from scratch, create a global product being based in St. Petersburg, and still squeeze out some time for other activities. 


  • ITMO University and JetBrains Launch New Master’s Degree Program

    ITMO University and the company JetBrains are launching a new corporate Master’s degree program “Software Engineering”. JetBrains will also train Bachelor’s degree students of second, third and fourth years in the subjects “Programming Languages” and “Machine Learning” at the Information Technologies and Programming Faculty.


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