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  • Programming Music with Sonic Pi: A How-To

    At a first glance, programmers and musicians may seem to have very little in common, but in reality these two activities are not so dissimilar. This is something Vladimir Krasilshchik, a Java expert with a 15-year work record in the field, strongly believes in. In a recent lecture at ITMO University, he drew parallels between the two arts and demonstrated how computer-enabled creation of music via the Sonic Pi software can shorten the learning curve and help aspiring musicians stick up with their training. 


  • Switching to Kotlin: Books, Courses, and Tips

    In 2018 the Kotlin community, centered around a programming language co-created by ITMO University graduates, grew at an unprecedented pace. This past January, some 1.5 million users have edited their code in Kotlin, which is more than twice compared to last year’s numbers. The amount of knowledge is growing, too, and thus it’s becoming much easier to earn the language. We asked Roman Elizarov, the Team Lead for Kotlin libraries at JetBrains and a tutor at ITMO University’s Information Technologies and Programming Faculty, about the best ways to learn Kotlin quickly and efficiently.


  • Concurrency In Life - Practical Advice From Roman Elizarov

    Java Champion, expert on concurrency and financial mathematics, member of ACM ICPC contest finals executive committee, one of Devexperts founders - these are only some of the accomplishments of Roman Elizarov, one of the most renowned members of ITMO University and the Russian IT market. Yet, such intense professional activity doesn't make the champion's life one-sided - one can say that Mr. Elizarov has achieved remarkable balance in his personal, professional and social life. In an interview to ITMO.NEWS, Roman shared about how he succeeded in making most of his life, and gave valuable advice to those who only start their professional careers


  • Master’s Student on Cryptocurrencies and How to Organize an IT Business

    Arseniy Seroka, founder of the company Serokell, shared life hacks for those who plan to launch a hi-tech business. The student talked about his lifework and explained why Haskell is better that Java and C++.


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