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  • Master’s Student from Argentina: Immersing Into New Culture Is Like Starting New Life

    Are there any similarities between Russia and Argentina? Why Russian phonetics can be so hard to master? What can help international students integrate into a new country faster? Rodrigo Lopez Pablos from Argentina, a Master’s student in mathematical and computer modeling, shares his experiences of studying at ITMO and living in Russia.


  • Cuba-to-Russia Student Mobility: How It Works and What It's Like

    We sat down with four Cuban students who are currently studying at ITMO University to learn about their life in Russia. Alberto Quesada Sevilla, Leoandris Martinez-Serrano, Miguel Angel Perez Ortiz and Miriam Serralbo Cala are getting their Master’s degrees at ITMO University as part of a student mobility agreement between Cuba and Russia. Learn more about what brought them to ITMO University!


  • From Sunshine to Freezing Cold: An Ecuadorian’s Experience of Russia

    Despite his friends’ warnings about bears and wolves letting loose on Russian streets and meteorites falling from the sky, Michael Nuñez from Ecuador decided to come to Russia to study intelligent robotics at ITMO’s Faculty of Control Systems and Robotics. In this interview, he shares his thoughts about his exciting journey.


  • Motasem Awaja’s Journey: A 2018 Open Doors Scholarship Winner

    This year the Open Doors Russian scholarship project was launched for the first time! Supported by the Russian government, this special scholarship allows talented students from around the world to enroll in Master’s programs at leading universities in Russia for free. One of the finalists of the competition who was accepted to ITMO’s Master’s of Information Security this year, Motasem Awaja, tells us his heart-stirring story of how this scholarship really opened doors for him to come and study in Russia.   


  • Dire Straits and Silver Linings: a Syrian Student's Journey to ITMO

    Hopes crushed, a beautiful ancient city burned to the ground, and yet one man’s dream of an education rises above it all. Youssef is from the city of Aleppo in Syria. His love of languages and desire for an education led him from speaking Arabic and English to French and Russian. He’s now a PhD student at ITMO University, which is home to international students from around the world. 


  • Hermitage, Football, and Lots of Programming: Summer Camp at ITMO

    For several years now, students from all over the world have been coming to St. Petersburg to take part in ITMO University's Camp in Programming. We met three current students: Hassan from The Gambia, Roh from Slovenia, and Enrique from Mexico, to talk about their experience.


  • ITMO’s Russian Language Summer School: Attracting Students from Around the World

    For the third year in a row, ITMO University's Russian Language Summer School has given students from around the world an opportunity to delve into intense Russian language study for a few weeks, get to know the beautiful city of St. Petersburg, and learn more about Russian culture.


  • Cryosaunas and Liquid Nitrogen: Guatemalan Student Shares Her Experience Of Studying in Russia

    Maria Renee Marroquín Pineda has recently finished the first year of her Master’s studies at ITMO’s Cryogenic Technology Department. Before entering ITMO University, she spent four years studying ecology at Tver campus of Moscow Humanitarian Economic University (MHEU). Having spent five years in Russia, the Guatemalan student decided to launch her own business in the field of cryogenic technologies. ITMO.NEWS asked her about her experience of studying in Russia and her plans for the future.


  • Curry and Computer Science: Indian Students Come to ITMO

    Discovering the best vegetarian food in the city, studying computer science by day and enjoying the architecture by night, communicating with the locals via Google translate, treating their neighbours to Indian food, cheering for the Russian team at the World Cup, our new students from Parul University in India have had a few weeks of adventure at ITMO University.


  • Exchange Students from Brazil: 'They're Always Happy'

    Students from around the world have come to participate in the IT and Innovation Business in Russia exchange semester at ITMO. Among them is a bright and bubbly group from Brazil. Every year a group of four or five students come from the Federal University of Espírito Santo (UFES) in Vittoria, on the east coast of Brazil, to join our exchange semester. Last year we talked to Esthevão who shared about what brought him to Russia. This year we talk with Angelo, Thales, Caio, Mateus and Yan who have been here for five weeks now, about their experience so far.


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