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  • IT for Big Business: Joint Corporate Master’s Program by ITMO University and T-Systems

    What IT specialists are now in demand by major companies? How to start working on a real-world project while still at university? Is it possible to partake in an internship at an international company during the first semester of your Master’s studies? ITMO University students discussed these and other questions at a meeting with the representatives of the international company T-Systems, which is part of the German group Deutsche Telekom. Starting from this year, ITMO is implementing a joint corporate Master’s program with the Russian branch of the company, T-Systems Russia. ITMO.NEWS spoke with the heads of the program and T-Systems specialists to learn more about its education process, the kind of specialists it trains and the opportunities it offers to students.


  • CEO of ITMO Technopark Resident NTC Pribor Talks Metallurgy and Entrepreneurship

    NTC Pribor, a resident of ITMO University’s Technopark, has spent almost twenty years working with major production plants and supplying them with cutting-edge equipment that cannot be found anywhere else. The company’s machine vision systems are currently being installed at a major PAO Severstal facility. The company’s CEO, Alexander Chernopolsky, spoke with ITMO.NEWS about his company’s latest developments and the rules of survival in the Russian steel industry.


  • ITMO Signs Cooperation Agreement with Coca-Cola

    On July 6, Coca-Cola HBC and ITMO University signed an exclusive cooperation agreement which will result in more opportunities for ITMO students willing to do an internship or conduct research at the company. The agreement also implies joint social, volunteer and sports projects.


  • Twin Campus Project: Establishing Collaboration Between Russian and Finnish Universities

    Very few technologies and ideas produced at universities are commercialized and turned into successful businesses. To solve this problem and explore effective models of collaboration between universities and the industry, Russia and Finland have launched the Twin Campus project. Part of the South-East Finland-Russia Cross-Border Cooperation program, Twin Campus is implemented by the South-Eastern Finland University of Applied Sciences and ITMO University. Among the project’s partners are St. Petersburg Technopark, St. Petersburg Foundation for SME Development, and the regional Finnish company Cursor Oy. On June 25, ITMO University hosted the first working meeting of the project, where the participants discussed its key tasks and challenges.


  • National Center for Cognitive Technologies Staff on Connecting Education, Research and Industry

    ITMO University has recently hosted a scientific seminar of the National Center for Cognitive Technologies. ITMO.NEWS spoke to Anna Lutsenko, the Deputy Director of eScience Research Institute, and Klavdiya Bochenina, an associate professor at the Institute of Design & Urban Studies, about the Center’s development plans.


  • When VR met AR: ITMO University Students Created a SMARRt Robot with Lots of Potential

    As part of practice-oriented R&D initiative, ITMO University students were provided with financial support which enabled them to create a robot equipped with state-of-the-art systems of synthetic vision, navigation and augmented reality. What makes this automaton stand out from other models on the market is its unique blend of VR and AR technologies. The project’s authors met with ITMO.NEWS to share about what problems the team faced in their work, which aspects were the most time-consuming and hard to pull off, and how their creation can be of help at large-scale production plants.


  • Digital Manufacturing and Automated Factories: ITMO Students Develop Projects for Diakont Company

    Starting from this year, Diakont Jsc and ITMO University have launched a new subdivision, the Institute of Intelligent Industrial Technologies. What’s more, the partners are currently collaborating on a network Master’s program; its students get the opportunity to combine study with work, get jobs in hi-tech fields and introduce their inventions. In future, they will also be offered a chance to do internships at Diakont’s new plant in Italy. Read more about the workings of the new subdivision and the future prospects of the new Master’s program graduates.


  • Joint Project between ITMO U and LEGO Education

    Esben Stark, the President of LEGO Education, and Olga Lombas, head of LEGO Education Russia & CIS, visited ITMO University and discussed the prospects of cooperation with the university on educational projects. LEGO Education and ITMO University share the same mission: to train creative professionals to work in the ever-changing world of new technologies.


  • ITMO and Partners Present New Projects at 2nd Lasers&Photonics Congress

    From June 4-8, St. Petersburg hosted the second international Lasers&Photonics congress, which brought together 1,500 scientists, researchers and members of the industry in the fields of photonics, laser physics and quantum communications. One of the main events at the congress was an exhibition where companies from Russia, Belarus, Lithuania and Japan presented their products; ITMO University, too, showcased devices developed in cooperation with industrial partners. Holographic nanocomposite materials, Li-Fi devices, infrared sensors for high-speed fiber optic communications – these and other inventions are market-ready.


  • A Look at Russia’s First Master’s Program on LED Technologies

    LED technologies are quickly taking over from incandescent lamps and other non-power-efficient light sources. Intelligent lighting is an integral part of smart cities, and concepts of lighting design, light quality, light pollution and others are becoming more and more recognizable. ITMO University’s Master’s program “LED Technologies” teaches students to work on the issues of a new, rapidly developing industry. Starting in their first year, students get to work on actual cases for various companies at the university’s laboratories, as well as to learn about the industry during practical training. Vladislav Bougrov, head of ITMO’s School of Photonics, explains how Russia’s first-ever specialized LED technology program works and what opportunities await its graduates.


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