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  • ITMO Fellow Ilya Anoshkin on Nanotubes and Working Abroad

    Terahertz technologies hail a new era where blood tests are much more accurate, and Internet faster. All this is thanks to nanomaterials and their unique properties. One of the leading researchers in this field, Ilya Anoshkin joined ITMO University’s teaching staff via the ITMO Fellowship program. In spite of his extensive and successful experience of working in Finland and Sweden, he is reluctant to call himself a scientist. ITMO.NEWS met Ilya to find out why, and to talk about the technologies of the future and his take on teaching at ITMO.


  • Boundless Science: Interdisciplinary Meeting for ITMO Fellowship and Professorship program

    Experts from many fields around the world are coming to ITMO University to participate in the Fellowship and Professorship Program. They contribute to the university in many different ways, either as guest lecturers, or researchers in one of the university’s research centers or labs. Their participation in the program lasts from a few weeks up to three years, and most of them stay on to work at the university long term.  


  • ITMO Fellowship Stories: "Science is Our Common Language"

    Tatiana Itina, PhD, of the Laboratoire Hubert Curien at the French National Centre for Scientific Research (CNRS), recently worked with ITMO’s International Laboratory "Laser Micro-and Nanotechnologies” on a project titled “Mechanisms Involved in Ultrashort Laser Interactions Used for Ultra-precise Nano-structuring of Optical Materials”. Ms. Itina shared with us her insights on building an international career, succeeding as a female researcher, and on what’s next in science.


  • ITMO Fellowship Stories: “Interest In Research Is Primary, Success Is Secondary”.

    Mikhail Titov talks about how to build a scientific career in Europe and how many languages one needs to know for this.


  • ITMO Fellowship Stories: "Look for a Team"

    Gerhard Wohlgennant came to ITMO University from Austria to participate in the ITMO Fellowship Program. His main field of research is knowledge extraction from natural language. In this exclusive interview he gives us some insight into his past and current research and how he found this opportunity to work in Russia. 


  • Technopark Resident VISmart: Helping Machines Think Like Humans

    Semantic information processing technologies and semantic web software will soon allow search engines to think almost like humans. Among other things, they would be able to make logical connections between various bits of data and combine databases into unified information systems. Better yet, this related data will be visualized in a form comprehensible to a regular user. The company VISmart, a resident of ITMO University’s Technopark, is working on several projects in this field. Recently they were joined by a scientist from Austria whose research will help VISmart in improving their service that focuses on searching for and visualizing information using semantic technology.


  • ITMO Fellowship Stories: "Your Own Way Is not the Easiest One"

    Carlos Cabal Mirabal came to St. Petersburg over 40 years after his previous visit to present ITMO students his series of lectures on magnetic resonance (MR). In an interview to ITMO.NEWS the professor talked about his view on how science had changed thanks to modern technologies and what social and cultural transformations made young people think in a different way.


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