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  • Congress of Young Scientists Participant Yaroslav Kapustin: Had I Not Worked on My Own Projects, I Never Would Have Learned What I Know

    How do you transfer data and communicate without an internet connection? Yaroslav Kapustin, a student of St. Petersburg’s school No. 225 and a participant of the Congress of Young Scientists, has presented a project that lets its users connect digital devices into a unified data network in the absence of mobile connection. Yaroslav spoke with ITMO.NEWS about his project Radio Chain and how he was able to develop his own projects and win at hackathons while still in school.


  • HackUniversity: Create, Think, and Simply Have a Good Time

    ITMO University students continue to secure victories at major hackathons. At the recently-concluded HackUniversity, students from ITMO placed first in the Logistics and Big Data categories. ITMO.NEWS spoke with the winners to learn more about this national competition, its challenges, and prizes.


  • ITMO Students About Hackathon at National Center for Cognitive Technologies

    How to determine users’ gender based on the data garnered via social media websites? How to process meteorological data? How to predict and manage customer outflow with the use of email marketing services? These and other questions were tackled at an interdisciplinary hackathon hosted by the National Center for Cognitive Technologies. Any ITMO University student could take part in the competition. The only condition for participation was a willingness to learn more about artificial intelligence.


  • 4SPB Hackathon: Machine Learning for Socially Significant Projects

    Last weekend, the Ingria business incubator hosted the 4SPB: Machine Learning for Civil Projects hackathon. For two days more than 50 participants, including students and staff of ITMO University, worked with data from ecological, human rights and charity organizations as well as social and urban projects. In this article, we'll be talking about how machine learning can be used to develop food-sharing services, solve the issue of human rights violations and promote citizen activism.


  • Career Guidance Hackathon: Winning Projects

    Individual project work is an integral part of the modern educational process, and staff members of the Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies offer their students an opportunity to try it as early as in their second year of bachelor studies. This year marked the second time when the students got the opportunity to participate in a hackathon instead of traditional practical assignments. Last weekend, the students presented their projects, and members of the jury chose the most interesting ones.


  • Start Your Career in IT: Career Guidance Hackathon at ITMO University

    The IT industry is full of exciting job opportunities for young professionals. To help second-year Bachelor’s students find their career passions, the staff of ITMO’s Faculty of Infocommunication Technologies organized a career guidance hackathon. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, the hackathon’s coordinators share about its program, as well as last year’s most exciting projects.


  • IPChain Hackathon: How to Manage Intellectual Property from a Smartphone

    IT products and services are one of the world’s largest and fastest-growing markets. Sophisticated and effective solutions in the field of software development are as valuable and sought-after as ever. But authors of such solutions don’t often think about their rights to the intellectual property they created, and the issue of exercising these rights is almost never on the cards. In a bid to modernize the sphere of software development, the IPChain Association joined forces with ITMO University to host a hackathon for developing the best mobile app for mathematicians and programmers intended to bring about radical simplification of managing intellectual property rights on algorithms and elements of software code.


  • VK Hackathon 2018 Winners Make Donating Blood Easier

    ‘Working title’, a team made up of ITMO University and Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University’s graduates, won Grand Prix at the 2018 VK Hackathon. They developed an application VK Donors, which was commissioned by DonorSearch. The app is aimed at increasing awareness about blood donation, encouraging people to donate blood and building communication between donors and blood donation centers. In the application, you can write about what exactly you want to donate (whole blood, plasma or other blood components) and in what city, read about the procedure and get some other useful information (for example, about blood donation centers in your city that need your donation most of all). In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, the winners explained about how this app will help promote blood donation in Russia.


  • “Vzlet” Hackathon: Students to Help Mobile Providers Enter eSport Market

    The Vzlet hackathon is an annual all-Russian contest for students interested in such fields as marketing, PR, and digital communications. The recent event’s finalists got training by the country’s leading specialists and prepared cases for the Megafon company. The topic of 2018’s hackathon was “Marketing in eSport”; each of the 20 teams had to develop a concept for a platform which could be used by one of Russia’s major mobile providers to enter the eSport market. Read more about the hackathon’s three winning projects.


  • HEX Hackathon: 32 Hours to Make the World a Better Place

    More than 300 programmers from all over the world took part in last month's HEX Hackathon in Eindhoven (the Netherlands). HEX is coordinated by Major League Hacking (MLH), a student hackathon league. The participants of HEX Hackathon had only 32 hours to come up with the most creative solution in one of its ten tracks. Team Marvin from ITMO University chose the Future Society track and proposed an application that would help charity organisations to recruit volunteers and allow people to find charity work inside their communities. The team was awarded the second place by an expert jury that included experts from the Bloomberg company, the track’s coordinator.


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