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  • Canadian Experts Test ITMO Quantum Network

    From September 25 to October 6, a group of world-class experts in quantum hacking from the University of Waterloo (Canada), under the guidance of prof. Vadim  Makarov,  analyzed the security of the quantum network created by ITMO University. As result of a joint study, the researchers tested the system for potential vulnerabilities and offered ways to patch them, which is crucial to the practical introduction of the technology. Read our article to learn more about the work conducted at ITMO University, as well as the key prospects for the development of quantum communications in the nearest five years.


  • Clothing Made From Bacteria, Electronic Tattoos, And Latest Virus Threats: What We’ve Learned at the Campus Festival

    From May 26 to 28, the Campus citywide educational festival took place in St. Petersburg; at different sites and spaces - from bars to the new stage of the Alexandrinskiy Theatre, - scientists, lecturers and experts shared on most important topics which have to do with modern science and our common future. "Events" was the topic of the session which took place at the Alexandrinsky Theatre: each year, there are hundreds of new inventions, but which of them will or have already globally changed our lives? Thus, Pavel Kuzmich, Director of ITMO's Computer Forensics Laboratory, explained what we've learned from the WannaCry virus, and Natalya Nikiforova, Associate Professor of the Higher School of Social Sciences of St. Petersburg State University shared about how clothing gradually turns into a complex interface.


  • Cyberattacks: XXI Century’s Main Challenge

    Information leaks have become something common; their number grows each day. It is of no coincidence that the WiKiLeaks website that publishes files obtained from cyberattacks has become really popular lately. Today, having a hi-end security system is no longer enough — one has to constantly develop skills to counter cyberattacks. ITMO.NEWS turned to foreign experience in this field, as well as asked ITMO's staff and students who research computer security to share on the subject. Learn about the most recent projects on fighting cyberthreats from our article.


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