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  • Switching to Kotlin: Books, Courses, and Tips

    In 2018 the Kotlin community, centered around a programming language co-created by ITMO University graduates, grew at an unprecedented pace. This past January, some 1.5 million users have edited their code in Kotlin, which is more than twice compared to last year’s numbers. The amount of knowledge is growing, too, and thus it’s becoming much easier to earn the language. We asked Roman Elizarov, the Team Lead for Kotlin libraries at JetBrains and a tutor at ITMO University’s Information Technologies and Programming Faculty, about the best ways to learn Kotlin quickly and efficiently.


  • Want to Be Successful in Business? Learn to Communicate

    ITMO University’s Technopark and the Future Technologies business accelerator have launched TEAM, an intensive team development course that helps startup managers acquire various soft skills and learn how to establish communications within a team. The course is developed and headed by Egor Deliev, an ITMO graduate and former head of AIESEC’s St. Petersburg office. Now that the program has begun its pilot run, Egor spoke to ITMO.NEWS about what surprised him in working with startups, why teambuilding is trendy and what makes communication inside teams so vital.


  • How Do Russian MOOC Platforms Compete With World Top MOOC Providers? Courseburg Investigates

    Can Russian online learning platforms compete with their popular international counterparts? How many users leave online learning platforms annually? And why is there such a low level of participation in digital education amongst Russians? Analysts of the Courseburg Russian online learning platform explored these questions in their latest study, which breaks down data gained from five biggest online learning platforms. 


  • ITMO University Online Courses You Can't Miss

    Online learning is becoming increasingly popular today. However, many specific subjects like Plasmonics or Statistical Methods in Innovation Management can’t be found online. This semester, ITMO University is launching three new online-courses on the Open Education Platform and the edX platform.


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