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  • This Is (Not) Art: Insights into the Origins of Art, Its Connection to Science and the Makings of a Masterpiece

    Nina Gavrish, a prominent art historian, has recently gave an open lecture in St. Petersburg. An educational programs coordinator and researcher at the Museum of the Russian Academy of Arts in St. Petersburg, in This Is (Not) Art Nina Gavrish moots the open-for-debate questions on the definition of art and what can be considered as civilizational legacy and world-class chefs-d’œuvre. The lecture was followed by a discussion on contemporary art and its new genres, including Science Art. ITMO.NEWS put down the keynotes.


  • SciComm at Sirius: ITMO Graduates Help Kids Explore Science and Art

    ITMO University’s Center for Science Communication and the Sirius Educational Center are intensifying their collaboration in the field of science communication: during workshops organized at the Center by ITMO graduates, school students learned about science communication and Art&Science and took part in discussions on technological modification of the human genome. Throughout the next year, more ITMO University students are expected to travel to Sochi to take part in similar initiatives.


  • Art & Science Students Present Projects for Upcoming Creative Center in Gatchina

    The site of the former Gatchina dairy plant will become home to the MOLZAVOD Center of Culture, Art, and Education as early as this summer. The project’s strategic goal is to showcase the synthesis of science and art, which is why its curators have invited students of ITMO University’s Art & Science Master’s Program for a summer internship during which they developed various project concepts for the future venue. Their ideas include an open school of science and art, an AR-quest, an exhibition of endangered relict plants, and more. Learn more in our report.


  • Unexplored St. Petersburg: AI at the Hermitage

    What makes Artificial Intelligence human? Maybe art holds the answers... (or it's just pretty).


  • ITMO University Partners with Art&Science Day Skolkovo

    Right now, the Skolkovo Innovation Center in Moscow is hosting Startup Village Skolkovo-2019. ITMO University’s Art&Science Center has become a partner of this year’s event, which unites science, technologies and art on one unique platform. Leading scientists, representatives of the creative industry and authors of projects at the intersection of science and art will meet at the Skolkovo venue to discuss the central topic “Art&Science – the territory of foresight”. Key speakers include ITMO University professor Ekaterina Skorb, head of ITMO University’s Art&Science program and head of the Contemporary Art Department at the State Hermitage Museum Dmitry Ozerkov, and organizers of Russia’s largest street art festival Stenograffia.


  • Magic of Light Exhibition in Shanghai: The Dazzling Results

    The interactive exhibition of holographic installations Magic of Light, organized by ITMO University together with the Hellenic Institute of Holography, has recently come to an end. The exhibition was hosted on 1,000 square meters of Shanghai Science and Technology Museum and featured over 150 items, including ultra-realistic full-color holograms and optoclones from the collections of the Hermitage, the Fabergé Museum, and the Diamond Fund. In the course of four months, some 300,000 people attended the exhibition. In this article by ITMO.NEWS, the staff of ITMO’s Museum of Optics share about their experiences of organizing the exhibition.


  • Master's Students from Mexico on Studying in Russia and ITMO's Art&Science Program

    Laura Elidedt Rodriguez Torres and Ethan Avila Hernandez left sunny Mexico to come to Russia and study on ITMO University’s innovative Art & Science Master’s program. In this interview with ITMO.NEWS, they discuss their Art & Science experience, the quirks of living in St. Pete, and advice for international students wanting to make the jump of studying in Russia.


  • Places to See: Modern and Contemporary Art in St. Petersburg

    St. Petersburg is renowned around the world for its centuries-old cathedrals, palaces, museums, and the rich variety of antique art that they contain. But when it comes to modern and contemporary examples, the city offers everyone – from laymen to experts – plenty of opportunities to experience a different point of view. 


  • QS WUR by Subject 2019: ITMO University in Top-150 in Computer Science and First in Russia in Art & Design

    The QS World University Rankings by Subject 2019 have just been revealed. ITMO University has strengthened its positions in three subject rankings – ‘Computer Science & Information Systems’, ‘Engineering: Electrical & Electronic’, and ‘Physics & Astronomy’ – in two of which the University has risen by 150 places. ITMO also appears in three other QS subject rankings. In the ‘Art & Design’ ranking, ITMO University has made its debut in the global top-200 and secured the first place among Russian universities.


  • ITMO University in 2018: A Year in Review

    It’s been a long, eventful year; let’s take a look back at the events, names, and ideas that defined 2018 for ITMO University.  


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