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  • ITMO’s KronBars Tops List of Russia’s Best Student Sports Clubs

    Last week, the Association of Student Sports Clubs of Russia (ASSC) celebrated its fifth anniversary and organized the National Forum of Student Sports Clubs, which took place in St. Petersburg and brought together 1,000 participants from 73 regions of Russia (250 universities). During the course of a week, they discussed ASSC’s development strategies and the future of student sports in Russia and chose the best student sports club. ITMO University’s club KronBars topped the ranking.


  • KronBars and ASSC Hold St. Petersburg Regional Forum of Student Sport Clubs

    This week, ITMO University’s KronBars sports club and the Association of Student Sports Clubs of Russia (ASSC) held the St. Petersburg regional forum of student sport clubs. Representatives of about 20 sports clubs from St. Petersburg and the Leningrad region discussed motivation issues, attended workshops on teambuilding and sports events, as well as participated in a regatta on the Neva river.


  • Doing Sports Can Make One a Winner in Everyday Life: KronBars Meet Honored Guests

    Past Thursday, November 30, ITMO’s sports club KronBars met with Sergei Boyarsky, deputy of State Duma and coordinator of the "Youth Group” at All-Russia People’s Front. Denis Goltsov, sambo athlete, World and European champion, native of St. Petersburg, also attended this meeting. He presented his project "Sambo to universities". Guests of "snow leopards" told students why sports can help young people set better goals and achieve success in everyday life. Denis Goltsov also conducted a masterclass on self-defense for all students.


  • KronBars Named Best Russian Student Sports Club Second Year In Row

    Results of the competition for the title "Best Student Sports Club" were announced in Kazan on November 25 at the All-Russian Forum of Student Sports Clubs. KronBars, which recently came first in an all-Russian SSC rating, was recognized as the best student sports club in Russia for second year consequently.ITMO’s student sports club also won in two other nominations: "Best Awareness-building Effort" and "Best Organization"


  • "Almost in St. Petersburg": The Annual All-Russian Student Sports Camp in Yagodnoe

    From August 16 to 22, Yagodnoe Camp hosted the third All-Russian Patriotic Sports Camp "Almost in St. Petersburg", organized by the Association of Student Sport Clubs of Russia, the Caskad special training center and ITMO University's KronBars sports club; the event brought together representatives and heads of student sports clubs, press centers and student athletes from all over Russia. In the course of one week, the camp's participants could test their strength and willpower in a unique program prepared by the camp's organizers.


  • ITMO to Enter New Academic Year with New Athletic Field

    On June 23, on the International Olympic Day, ITMO University’s students’ sports club “KronBars” was awarded a certificate for the construction of an outdoor athletic field by the Russian Association of Students’ Sports Clubs (RASSC). This means that starting with the new academic year, every student of ITMO University will have the opportunity to use the outdoor sports complex that will be constructed in the inner courtyard of one of the university’s buildings on 11 Lomonosova St. The opening ceremony is set for September 2017 of this year. The athletic field will feature various exercise equipment, split-level pull-up bars, parallel bars, crunch benches and many more.


  • Cybersports: How Gamers Become Professionals?

    For those who are not familiar with gaming, "cyber-sport" even sounds strange — what sport is that if it only exists in virtual space? Yet, professional teams that play League of Legends or Counter-Strike gather whole stadiums and earn millions, and the new sport has its own requirements to sportsmen. How one becomes a cyber-sportsman, and what gaming tournaments are about — read that and more in our article.


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