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  • Kunstkamera: Russia’s Bizarre First Museum

    Last week, on the eve of Halloween we were remembering the scary stuff from Russian folklore. This reminded me of one place in St. Petersburg: as a child, I deemed it the city’s scariest, and I still know quite a few people who swear that they will never go there again. So what’s so special about this “Peter the Great Museum of Anthropology and Ethnography”? What makes it so disturbing?


  • How Your Brain Makes Decisions

    Economics, psychology and biology have long studied the process of decision making. It is at the intersection of these subjects that the new science of neuroeconomics, an interdisciplinary field that studies decision making in multiple choice and "risk/reward" situations, has emerged. Vasily Klucharev, the Deputy Dean for Behavioural Sciences at the Higher School of Economics, expanded on this new field of study during an open lecture he gave as part of ITMO’s Science Communication Master’s program.


  • Motion Capture, VR and Video 360: New Technologies Enter Classical Art

    Choreography in VR, multimedia theatrical performances and virtual actors on a real stage - more and more new technologies are being introduced into classical art. Digital theatricals are now shifted with a single press of a button, and the very theaters have long developed their own data centers, started using analytical systems and are now looking to introduce  360 degree videos, as well as virtual and augmented reality systems. Arseny Nikolaev, ITMO graduate and chief engineer of Mariinsky Theatre’s  IPTV sector, speaks about new multimedia projects and the prospects of using new technologies in classical theatre.


  • Today We Celebrate Victory Day

    There’s probably not a single Russian family that wasn’t touched by the Second World War, or the Great Patriotic War as it is called in Russia and many former Soviet republics. The years 1941 – 1945 are engraved in all of us, even generations removed from the actual war, as the years of sacrifice, suffering, and faith in victory. It’s what we think about in times of hardship even now – the songs that we sang as kids at school about how victory is to be achieved it at any cost. And the cost was great.


  • Canadian Experts Test ITMO Quantum Network

    From September 25 to October 6, a group of world-class experts in quantum hacking from the University of Waterloo (Canada), under the guidance of prof. Vadim  Makarov,  analyzed the security of the quantum network created by ITMO University. As result of a joint study, the researchers tested the system for potential vulnerabilities and offered ways to patch them, which is crucial to the practical introduction of the technology. Read our article to learn more about the work conducted at ITMO University, as well as the key prospects for the development of quantum communications in the nearest five years.


  • THE World University Rankings 2017−2018: Results

    Times Higher Education has published the results of its World University Rankings 2017−2018 (THE WUR 2018). 18 Russian universities have been named among the world's top-100 educational institutions; ITMO University took the 501-600 position. In comparison with last year, it has succeeded in improving its International Outlook indicator, which reflects the increase in the number of international lecturers and students, as well as the number of papers written in collaboration with foreign researchers.


  • ITMO Scientists Receive Alferov Foundation Award

    Sergei Makarov and Alexander Krasnuk, senior researchers at the Department of Nanophotonics and Metamaterials received the Foundation for Support of Education and Science (Alferov's Foundation) award for their research on non-linear tunable semiconductor and hybrid nanoantennas. According to the jury, their main scientific achievement was the development of a new platform for photonic devices based on dielectric nanoantennas in optical band, as well as the use of femtosecond laser technologies in creation of ultrafast optical nanodevices. In an interview with our newsportal, Sergei Makarov talked about new optical modulators and the work of the recently founded Laboratory of Hybrid Nanophotonics and Optoelectronics.


  • Geek Picnic-2017: Richard Dawkins, Cyborgs, VR and Psychological Experiments

    The first day of Geek Picnic, the largest European open air festival dedicated to popular science, modern technology, science and art included lectures on humanity's biological future and cybertechnologies, a presentation by Richard Dawkins, and ITMO University's interactive zone where anyone could immerse into modern science. By tradition, the festival was held on a weekend’; this year, it took place in the Pulkovo Park on the south of St. Petersburg.  


  • Vladimir Putin Congratulates ITMO's Programmers on Winning ACM ICPC

    ​During the plenary meeting on the second day of St. Petersburg International Economic Forum SPIEF-2017, President Vladimir Putin congratulated ITMO's collegiate programming team on their recent victory at ACM ICPC.


  • U.S. Ambassador to Russia Visits ITMO University

    On May, 17, a delegation from U.S. Embassy and Consulate General headed by John F. Tefft, U.S. ambassador to Russia, visited ITMO University.


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