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  • From Entertainment to Medicine: Programmers Presented their Projects at AI Hackathon

    …sfy the needs of so-called "digital-generation." Their apps can predict the success of movies, delete a person from a group photo, generate background music and so forth. The "Kickcity" project makes it possible to look for events and also find soulmates who have the same preferences as you. Authors of Shavermalizer developed a guide for kebab cafes in St. Petersburg…


  • Spend Your Leisure Time with Kickcity

    …What is Kickcity? About three years ago I worked at a hotel, where tourists always asked me to recommend where to go out. This question was asked not only by people from different countries, but from inhabitants of St. Petersburg. I surfed the internet, but, in fact, I couldn’t predict whether my advice was useful or not. Then I came up with an idea that the city …


  • IT-Breakthrough in St. Petersburg: from Machine Vision to Smart Feeders

    …s, as well. For example, the developers of the Gatherings project for organizing events did not know about an almost identical project already run here in St. Petersburg — the Kickcity startup. The judges advised Andrei Andrianov, the representative of the Gatherings project, to join the colleagues from Kickcity or at least learn from t…


  • Innovation Russian-Style

    … were Alexandra Olenina, the founder of StudyQA, a company that helps selecting educational programmes worldwide, Gideon Nweze, a graduate of the TURN8 Program, and founder of Kickcity, Alexander Alkhov (we published an interview with Alexander earlier, where he talked about additional education in St. Petersburg). “At this point, the participants of the seminar a…


  • Two Russian Startups Chosen to Participate in Dubai Accelerator TURN8

    …rt, and everything will work out”. Evgeny Turvinenko, investor and head of noted the quality of the projects that made it to the finals. He particularly praised Kickcity - a service for searching for, creating and promoting events in the city, and also Foyt with its healthy foods and LeadCooker, which help personalize mass emails. He also suggested tha…


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