Portfolio Contest Open for New Master's Programs in Photonics at ITMO

ITMO University is launching the portfolio contest “Science Needs You!” for applicants to three new Master’s Programs in Photonics: “Functional Materials of Optoelectronics”, “LED Technologies” and “Optoelectronics”. Successful candidates will be admitted to the university without entrance examinations. The deadline for applications is May 31.

About the Programs

The program "Functional Materials of Optoelectronics" aims to train both professionals in the industry and future scientists who will then continue their studies at ITMO University. Students will acquire theoretical knowledge and competencies in modeling, synthesis, and characterization of nanomaterials and optoelectronic devices within one of the two tracks:

  • development of new materials with specific mechanical, magnetic and optical properties, semiconductor nanomaterials and materials with hybrid properties;
  • research into semiconductor nanostructures for photonics for use in lasers, light-emitting diodes, quantum photodetectors, and solar cells.

The program is conducted in English, and students will have an opportunity to complete internships at European and American universities, including the universities participating in Horizon 2020 Program, as well as at the laboratories of the European X-ray Free-Electron Laser in Germany and research institutions in St. Petersburg.

20 applicants, including three international students, will be admitted to the program through the portfolio contest.

The program "LED Technologies", too, aims to train both scientists and specialists for the industry. The program focuses on engineering and development of technological processes. The program collaborates with many industrial partners who support the training of experienced specialists in their field. The students will learn:

  • methods of development and research of processes of growing light-emitting nanostructures, and their use in production of microchips;
  • technologies of manufacturing light-emitting diodes and LED-based devices;
  • methods for managing LED quality in various fields of technology, including nano technology.

Up to 12 students can be admitted.

The program "Optoelectronics" prepares specialists in the field of internet networks and data storage, capable of working in industrial companies specialising in light technologies. Among the partners of the program are research centers and industrial companies. There are two program tracks available for this program:

  • engineering in the field of development and production technologies for optoelectronic devices and systems;
  • development and design in creation and efficiency analysis of networks and integrated security systems for various applied tasks.

Up to 25 students can be admitted.

How to Apply?

To apply, send the following documents to nmarkova@corp.ifmo.ru:

  • CV
  • Motivation letter
  • Academic transcript

Please, note that your academic grade average should be 4.5 or above.

The CV and the motivation letter play a crucial role in assessment of applicants, says Nadezhda Markova, the contest's manager. Both can be written in a free format, but should describe your achievements and research interests in a short and precise manner.

The jury will pay attention to the candidates’ achievements in their field of study, including internships, work experience, and participation in conferences. Use your motivation letter to list your reasons for applying for this program and, perhaps, provide some extra examples of your achievements that seem relevant.

"This portfolio contest is beneficial to both students and the university. For students it is an opportunity to learn more about the programs of their liking, while for the university it is a way to assess their level", commented Nadezhda Markova.

Additional details on the contest are available on its official website.

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