SAP Forum: Groundbreaking Technologies through New Solutions

“Innovative Forum: SAP Solutions for Developers” took place in St. Petersburg on March 30-31. The stakeholders of software companies and leading developers met with SAP experts who presented new solutions for business and innovative areas. VeeRoute, a resident of ITMO`s business incubator was also invited to take part in the meeting.

The program of the conference included two tracks – on March 30 SAP`s experts discussed with business leaders global technological trends in Internet of Things and computer-aided learning as well as their influence on business. The next day software development companies were presented SAP HANA Cloud Platform.

“SAP empowers developers to do something new. At the Forum we shared promising technologies for IT specialists…Offering developers to collaborate with us we would like them to prepare projects with the information about how do they want to use our technologies. Furthermore we help them to understand it at the first stage of preparation and help to work on their ideas,” noted Vyacheslav Gershov, Head of Business Development of SAP Labs of Commonwealth of Independent States.

Every year SAP receives applications from developers who want to integrate their software programs with SAP solutions. Then the most interesting projects are selected for further collaboration using different facilities of SAP, for example, Co-Innovation Lab. Thus VeeRoute project, ITMO University resident, became one of them. The company is engaged in solutions for the transport logistics optimization. A specialized automated system operates with the following parameters: information about traffic jams caused by different reasons, dispatching timing and so forth. Thanks to this service one can arrange the most convenient routs and delivery time. Moreover, using this service companies can serve more effective and reduce costs. Currently VeeRoute plans to use SAP Transportation Management as a base, which gives it an opportunity to enter the market with dozens of thousands clients.

“To be recognized by leading companies as SAP means that one develops a high-grade startup. It is a big challenge to achieve it. The most important thing is to satisfy requirements of both company`s and SAP`s clients, provided they are the same. It would be better to communicate with clients to know what problems and needs they have,” noted Mikhail Kudinov,  VeeRoute`s co-founder.

The participants of the Forum also learnt about SAP`s technologies in the field of Internet of Things. ITMO University`s experts mentioned this topic as extremely important because these inventions can serve as a basis for some new applications and projects.

“ITMO University is negotiating with IT corporations to launch new projects connected with innovative management. Currently the experts of Project Management and Innovation Department develop a platform for collaboration, which will support innovative companies and startups. Thus we consider SAP as the main strategic partner,” said Alexander Dorofeev, senior manager of the Department. 

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