It’s Time to Celebrate Russia Day

One of the newest holidays, Russia Day is a mystery even to many Russians. In fact, it is being celebrated for the 24th time and is more exciting than it sounds.

Russian Radio polled a random selection of Russians about what their country is celebrating during this long weekend and got a variety of results. Very few know that on this day in 1991, also happened to be the day that Boris Yeltsin was elected the first Russian president.
In 1994, this holiday was renamed “Day of adoption of the declaration of independence of RSFSR” or in short: “Day of Independence”.

It’s a controversial and not very popular choice of a name, as Russia hasn’t been under any external rule since 1480 (the year when Russia stopped paying tribute to the Mongols). But even then it wasn’t actually occupied.
“From what/who are we independent now?” remains a popular question to anyone who has completed a high school history course. Most Russians simply consider this holiday an additional day-off, a good opportunity to enjoy summer days and go out of the city for picnics or to work in their country houses and gardens (dachas).
In 2002, the holiday was renamed “Russia Day”. This name is better accepted by the public but still is considered as a good day for summer rest.

There are number of events for anyone this day: from patriotic  and ethnic ones  to flower festivals and fireworks.

If you’re in St. Petersburg on June 12, you can join a number of interesting events and feel Russian too. Enjoy Russia Day!


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