This Weekend in St. Petersburg: October 5-6

Put on your best (and snuggliest) scarves and prepare to have some major fun at this weekend in St. Petersburg! Featuring coffee and jazz, modern art and cacti, and exhibition of scents inspired by literary characters!

Artwork by Ivan Slavinsky. Credit:

Ωtest exhibition by artist Ivan Slavinsky 

  • October 5-31, from 11am to 8pm
  • ArtMuza contemporary art gallery and creative space
  • Free admission

Rainy October calls for cozy weekends at museums, and in that department at least, you certainly are in luck: for one, the ArtMuza gallery on Vasilievsky Island will display the works by one of St. Petersburg’s most illustrious artists, Ivan Slavinsky. Reputed for his signature technique in which Vrubel meets Degas meets Petrov-Vodkin, the artist is an active participant of a wide range of national and international exhibitions. “You want to stand by Slavinsky’s works for ages, deciphering them like riddles, reading the story laid down by the author, enjoying the rich color palette,” rave the organizers of the exhibition. 

St. Petersburg’s Cacti Lovers Club Exhibition


Head to the Kirov Palace of Culture this weekend to admire the unique and subtle beauty of over a 1,000 cacti and succulent plants carefully grown by the members of St. Petersburg’s Cacti Lovers Club. Boasting glossy, thick foliage, thorns, and all kinds of textures, cacti and succulents are not just for the desert anymore, they have become a very popular and truly addictive hobby for lots of people all over the world. Check out the exhibition to fall in love with these prickly fellows, learn more about their cultivation, and maybe even purchase a plant or two!

Coffee & Jazz Festival


This weekend, for the fourth year in a row, the Pavlovsk Park hosts the International Coffee & Jazz Festival. The park’s alleys and pavilions will fill with exquisite jazz music performed by St. Petersburg’s best musicians. The concert will be accompanied by dancing workshops and coffee breaks.

Literature and perfume exhibition “Books and Scents” 


The exhibition at the Mikhail Zoshchenko Apartment Museum will feature the objects of the Books and Scents project, the vast perfume collection of which boasts dozens of scents inspired by iconic literary characters and masterpieces in general (expect the ranks of Master and Margarita, Anna Karenina, The Swan Princess, The Inkheart and many others). Come round to smell the literary greatness, this is an event not to be missed!

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