This Weekend in St. Petersburg: March 8-11

Women’s Day, which signals the start of spring’s longest weekend, is often called the Holiday of Spring, as it usually coincides with the the first sunny days, snowbreak, and warmer temperatures. Even though there aren’t many events that are traditionally dedicated to it, anything that has a cheerful atmosphere about it can be considered one - so let’s take a quick look at what St. Petersburg has to offer during these long awaited holidays!

On March 8, there’ll be several events that will surely lift your spirits. The Rodina cinema center will screen three silent comedy films by Charlie Chaplin, Buster Keaton and Edward F. Cline. Every piece will be accompanied with live music by The Easy Winners Ragtime Band, which is famous for their adherence to traditional jazz and a most unique choice of instruments. And on the next day, the cinema center will screen “Gone with the Wind” in the English language, which is a great opportunity to fully enjoy one of the most famous films of all times.

Another great show that will take place on March 8 and 9 is the Favourites of the Moon at the Leningrad Center, which is deemed this year’s scenic highlight for the top-notch multimedia special effects, cast, and level of choreography. The fantastic performance is a unique mix of acrobatics, gymnastics, music and dance that is definitely worth seeing!

For music lovers, there will be traditional concerts at the Museum of Soviet Arcade Machines and Azzurro jazz café: expect great live jazz, fond memories, and an incredible atmosphere! Also, on Saturday, March 10, the art café Trizet will hold an evening of french chanson music.

A truly magnificent event is the tulip exhibition Spring Dreams at St. Petersburg Botanical Garden; the fresh scents of thousands of flowers will definitely make you feel that winter is finally over, and spring has come. And if even that won’t be enough, be sure to enjoy the “On the Sunny Side” project at the exhibition center of St. Petersburg Union of Artists - a major project that brought together 48 artists united by a truly positive approach to art!

These are only some of the many events that will take place in St. Petersburg this weekend. On the whole, these long holidays are a great opportunity to catch up on the events and activities you just haven’t had the time for in winter - so be sure to check with our previous guides so as not to miss anything!


See you next week! Yours, ITMO.NEWS.


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