Look at Neptune and Visit a Warship: St. Petersburg Continues to Celebrate Navy Day

Don’t miss one of the most remarkable mid-summer events in St. Petersburg — a celebration in honor of the 320th anniversary of the Russian Navy foundation, which will take place on July 31. On this day you can admire warships decorated with ceremonial banners, listen to music at open air concerts and then enjoy fireworks in the night sky.

The history of St. Petersburg is closely related to navy victories. That is why this day is so important. Usually citizens celebrate Navy Day every year on the last Sunday of July. However this year the city will celebrate the Navy’s anniversary over several days — on July 24, 30 and 31. More than 1,200 seamen will take part in the celebration.

Must sees on July 31

10.00 am. The official start of the celebration. Ship crews that will be on the Neva river between Blagoveshchensky and Palace Bridges will be congratulated on the occasion of the anniversary.

10.30 am. The concert starts in Senate Square, near the Bronze Horseman. Also, the beginning of the boat parade organized by Leningrad Naval Base.

Some 16 boats will be anchored between Blagoveshchensky and Palace Bridges on the Neva. Another two parades will held be nearby the English and Lieutenant Schmidt Embankments.

Corvettes, submarines, missile boats, landing crafts, anti-submarine warfares and minesweepers — all thes boats will take part in the event. Furthermore Navy Day 2016 will be the first time when patrol ship Admiral Essen joins the parade.

Those ships that are alongside the Lieutenant Schmidt Embankment will be open for visitors from 14.30 to 20.00!

7.00 pm. Palace Square turns into an open air area open to everyone for a music concert.

10.00 pm. Fireworks show on the shore of Peter and Paul fortress.

Aurora’s coming back

After several years of repairs Aurora Battleship has come back in the heart of the city and is docked near Saint Petersburg Hotel. Many legends and significant historical events are related to this special cruiser.

It was under repair for two years, from 2014 to 2016. Come there on July 31 to look at the renovated Aurora.

On this day you can also enjoy local concerts and celebrations in various St. Petersburg’s districts.

Here are some of them.

A party on the island

An informal celebration center will be based in Kronstadt located on Kotlin Island. The main seaport of St. Petersburg initiates edutainment activities for seamen and their families that live there and also for visitors.

11.00 am An open air concert by Baltic Fleet Drama Theater will take place in Petrovsky Park. The program will also include naval wind ensemble performance.

1.00 pm Look at or even take part in tug of war sports game on Makarovskaya Street.

At the same time you can also visit Yakornaya Square where volunteers will help newcomers to learn more about the city. "Look at Kronstadt" is an interactive guide, which informs about wonderful places to see and upcoming events.

2.00 pm Celebrate Neptune Day at costume party, which will take place in Petrovsky Park.

7.00 pm Everyone can listen to rock music at an open air concert in Yakornaya Square, with its' headliners — "Pravada," "Monolisa," "Midgy," "Myths" and other rock bands.

11.00 pm All visitors can admire wonderful fireworks in Yakornaya Square.

Get directions

Bus № 101 leaves from Staraya Derevnya subway station (5th "violet" line)

Minibus № 405 leaves from Chernaya Rechka subway station (2nd "blue" line)

Minibus № 407 leaves from Prospect Prosveschenya subway station (2nd "blue" line)

Buses and taxis go through the whole city, so you can get off at Gostiny Dvor station and walk downtown or go further and get off at Naval Cathedral.

Celebrations in Lomonosov

11.00 am On July 30 and 31 there will be yacht racing.

2.00 pm An open air concert with competitions, movie screenings, "escape room" and other interactive games (Lomonosov, Ugolnaya Street, nearby "Prichal" monument).

Get directions

Minibus № 54, № 404a leave from Baltiyskaya subway station (1st "red" line)

Minibus № 300, № 424a, № 404 and bus № 200 leave from Avtovo subway station (1st "red" line)

Suburban train leaving from Baltiysky Railway Station, you get off at "Oranienbaum I" station (about an hour on the way).

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