5 Things You Need to Know Now

“Deep Learning” with light. A new approach to “Deep Learning” computer systems that are instrumental in do face- and voice-recognition software and finding medical data patterns uses light instead of electricity to improve efficiency.

Lab on chip for health, germs and pollutants monitoring. A new biosensor technology - known as a lab on a chip - could be used in hand-held or wearable devices to monitor your health and exposure to dangerous bacteria, viruses and pollutants as well as continuously analyze sweat and blood for different biomarkers that detect cancer.

Optical communication at record high speed. Soliton frequency combs generated in optical microresonators allow to transmit data at rates of more than 50 terabits per second.

Turning car plastics into foam with coconut oil. Plastic components from end-of-life vehicles can be recycled with coconut oil and microwaves and re-used as foams for the construction, packaging and automotive industries.

Summer science reads 2017. Try your hand at brewing ancient-style beer? Enjoy strange stories on nuclear history and Earth’s real-life apocalypses? Or learn about how a well-known chemist once paid a million dollars for a portrait of his chemistry equipment? Here’re the summer reads picked by Science.

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