Electronic Checklists for ITMO Graduating Students

On May 14, ITMO University launches a new system of electronic checklists for graduating students. This means that students won’t have to waste any more time in lines with a paper form. The information about unfulfilled requirements can now be found in the “My Page -> Education” section at isu.ifmo.ru. The project was initiated by Special Projects Center and the Department of Information Technologies. Ekaterina Kalkina, the project manager, told ITMO.NEWS about all the important steps to be taken to graduate as planned.

According to the rules, to take part in the Graduation Ceremony that will take place on July 7, 2018 in the Peter and Paul Fortress, you have to complete your graduation checklist, pick up your previously submitted educational documents, and verify your diploma information at the Department of Academic Affairs.

Step 1: Complete your graduation checklist

“Students used to wait in lines to collect all the signatures, even if they didn’t have any backlog or overdue books to return, etc. We wanted to make this process easier, so that students would know in advance where they have to go. We started working on this project in September 2017. First of all, we analyzed all the paper checklist and eliminated some unnecessary segments of it. Then we formed a new list and started working on the new electronic system”, shared Ekaterina Kalkina.

The new electronic checklist consists of several sections, each corresponding to a particular department:

  • Dean’s office
  • Accounting
  • Dormitory
  • Military Department
  • Library

International students should also pay attention to other sections, such as International Students Learning and Support Center, and Migration Services Office.

To start completing your checklist, log into your student account and open the “Checklist” subsection in the tab “My Page” – “Education”.

Then follow the instructions below:

  1. First, check if your contact data is correct and fill in the graduation application.
  2. You will then see a list of departments, each marked with different colors:

Approved (green): this means that you don’t have arrears in this department;

Refused (red): if you see this mark, this means that you have arrears (e.g. you haven’t returned all library books or paid your dormitory fee); a more detailed description of the cause will be given below.

Under approval (yellow): this means that your information is now being verified.

If you don’t see a particular department in your checklist, this means that they were approved automatically upon creating the checklist.

Step 2: Pick up your previously submitted educational documents

When you get the “Approved” status in all the departments, you will have an opportunity to join the online queue to pick up your previously submitted educational documents at the Human Resources department.

Please note that you can only choose one day to pick up your documents. If you don’t show up this day, you won’t get another chance to do that. To pick up the documents, you have to present your academic record book and student ID.

Step 3: Verify your diploma information

After you’ve picked up your previously submitted educational documents, you are allowed to verify your diploma at the Department of Academic Affairs. But first, you should also join the online queue.

Please note that you can only join the queue after you have picked up your previously submitted educational documents. To verify your diploma information, you will be asked to present your passport and educational documents. Note that it takes 3 to 4 days after your thesis defense to make the diploma, but sometimes it may take longer.

The system has already been tested on ten ITMO Bachelor’s and Master’s students. It will become available on May 14 to all students graduating this year.

“We’re going to continue working on the project”, says Ms. Kalkina. “We plan to make the system even more automated. In order to do so, we have to ensure that all the data about students is uploaded to the database”.

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