New "Get Local" International Students Club

ITMO University has recently launched a new international student club called "Get Local". This club is geared towards English-speaking international students from around the world, particularly those participating in exchange programs and english-language Master’s programs. The working language of the club is English and it will complement the existing International Students Council where most of the international students are from Russian-speaking countries, and therefore the working language is Russian.

The club was launched with a special event on September 28 and in the following week, the head of the club was already elected, and most of the positions already filled! At the introductory meeting, students were familiarized with the goals of the new club, as well as possible opportunities for collaboration with existing student organizations and clubs at the University.

The International Students Council, a subsidiary of the University’s Student Council, presented projects and events that are organized for students at the University, related to sports, arts, and recreation. Maksim Ivaschenko also attended the meeting to speak about the work done at the Open Laboratory of Ideas, Methods and Practices (OLIMP). He encouraged the international students to participate in the activities of the OLIMP Union and to bring their ideas and creativity to the team.

At the second meeting of the club, students vied for the position of Head of the Club; the final vote went to Jacqueline Ziegler, an exchange student from TU Darmstadt in Germany. Congratulations Jacqueline! She is a self-organized and motivated student, and already found people for the other positions. "Get Local" is still looking for creative, motivated, responsible and active members of the international student body who will focus on helping international and exchange students integrate into a new environment. They will create opportunities to enrich their living and learning experience while studying at ITMO University, through trips, events and activities.

The next meeting of the club will be held next Tuesday at 5pm (2139 Meeting Room). All English-speaking international students are invited to join the club and make new friends, get valuable experience in project work and team building, get acquainted with different cultures, and help others in their integration into a new environment. You can join the club here – club members get a certificate, a special t-shirt and other goodies!

"Get Local"! For any questions, please contact Jacqueline Ziegler:

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