Frontiers in Education Conference: International Experts Appreciated Two Russian Projects

“Frontiers in Education Conference 2015: Launching a New Vision in Engineering Education” international conference wrapped up in the USA. This year ITMO University researchers took part in it for the second time.

FIE 2015 fused together about 500 international researchers and experts from all over the world who discussed educational tendencies in such fields as IT and exact sciences. Speakers presented their papers on modern international training programs, education quality assurance systems and other issues.

ITMO University experts presented two papers. The first one called “an automation of the course design based on mathematical modeling and genetic algorithms.” This technology analyzes educational resources by selecting them form data repositories and digital libraries. It also helps professors to develop and modify academic discipline`s structure taking into account requirements and students` competencies.

“It turned out that course design`s automation…was not popular at the conference. That is why this issue attracted attention of a variety of education experts as well as research teams that made their unique inventions popular with students,” said Alexey Dukhanov, Research Institute of High-Tech Computer Technologies` senior researcher and associate professor of Department of High-Performance Computing.

According to Mr. Dukhanov, this project was presented as so-called “work in progress.” Developers took into account all remarks made by participants. Then Vadim Shmelev, PhD student and co-developer of this technology, presented upgraded algorithm at Application of Information and Communication Technologies conference (IEEE).

The second Russians` paper called “The approach to design of stem courses` learning resources based on students` activity with the use of scientific resources` databases.” This approach gives an opportunity to develop effective learning resources quickly as well as to teach Master students how to provide research and communicate with modern international academic community. It also helps students to improve their English, leveling up such skills as reading, analysis of scientific literature, making short reviews and project developing.

“Apart from developing students` skills and assisting professors to design new courses based on scientific papers this approach combines components of Master programs, basic and specialization subjects, hands-on and fundamental courses as well as activities adapting Russian students to international educational programs taught in English…” said Anna Biliatdinova, engineer of Chair of High Performance Computing and co-developer of this project.

FIE 2015`s participants also discussed such important issue as educational infrastructure`s development. Speaking of ITMO University it provides a variety of activities aspiring for high quality education and knowledge transfer. For example, over the last three years four international double-exchange Master programs have been launched by Research Institute of High-Tech Computer Technologies,  Department of High-Performance Computing and “TROIKA: Technology and Research on Information-Driven Knowledge Alliance.” Followers of these programs participate in international research projects, present their papers and inventions as well as write scientific articles for leading journals. Thus International Young Scientists Conference and Summer School “Computer Modeling and Simulation” is one of such activities provided by ITMO University. 

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