ITMO University Welcomed One More International Student

Jose Luis Araja Lopez, graduate student from Costa Rica, came to St. Petersburg to continue his studying at Chair of High-Performance Computing. According to Mr. Lopez, ITMO University offers high-quality and affordable education.

When I was looking for PhD training in data processing first of all I considered St. Petersburg universities. In 2008 I came here to take part in a meteorological conference. Having visited this city I fell in love with it! I focused on processing and analyzing of climate data. Coincidentally, ITMO University offers a double degree program for PhD students supported by University of Amsterdam.


Russian higher education is affordable

I graduated from University of Costa Rica and became a specialist in meteorology. However I had no money to enter a PhD program in my country. Fortunately the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation supports international students. Thus I got an opportunity to receive required knowledge at ITMO University. After the graduation I plan to come back home to continue my job as an engineer of National Meteorological Institute of Costa Rica. I want to work for the welfare of my country and share my experience. Apart from that I also deliver lectures in Costa Rica.


High-grade educational system

From the very beginning I was sure that Russian education system is very effective. I`ve learned lots of useful information connected with data processing. ITMO University offers excellent studying programs and equipment required for lab trainings! Currently I learn how to interact with Russian academic community and how to write articles for international scientific journals.  According to the rules, a PhD student has to publish several articles and reviews while studying. Previously my papers were published in local research magazines of Costa Rica.


The cold weather but the warm welcome

Some say that human`s temper depends on a place where people live and its` weather. I came from a “warm” country and it was the first time in Russia where I`ve met so low temperature. However the climate doesn`t affect my temper and behavior. Moreover, I immersed myself into cultural activities. Thus I visited the Hermitage, the Russian Museum, the Central Naval Museum, the Russian Museum of Ethnography and others. I also visited the Mariinsky Theatre. The play was subtitled in English, thus I understood everything! Furthermore, I appreciate St. Petersburg`s tradition to care about its` ancient architecture.


World economy and Russian language

The only problem, which I met here, is current range of exchange. However I know that it roots in unstable political situation. Fortunately, I have no other troubles. It very easy to receive a visa because ITMO University offered me an invitation. My Russian colleagues explained me the way to my campus, to nearest metro station and other required information. My neighbors are also very responsive; they are always ready to help me. Apart from that I started to study Russian. Currently I visit various speaking clubs.

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