5-100S Generation: ITMO University Students Upgraded 5-100 Project

ITMO University initiated Student Project Office “5-100S” in order to prepare active students for management responsibilities that will assist them to become University officials in future. Having developed a “Roadmap” student activists presented it to Vladimir Vasilyev, ITMO University rector, on September 1, All-Russian Day of Knowledge.

“I often underline that our students contribute to ITMO University development. They are active and self-motivated. Each student tries to create something new and develop the University as opposed to go with the stream,” said the rector. “Our students place first at Russian and international contests, initiate research laboratories, head social projects. It proceeds from trust-based relations between students, professors and officials. On the one hand, “5-100S” Office is a next step of our development but on the other hand, it is very important novelty. Developing ITMO University together with its staff students join our solid team. They also get an opportunity to obtain skills that are necessary for a successful person. For example, how to be responsible, flexible as well as how to predict and analyze. ITMO University`s future and prosperity of our country depends on its students. They are the main project to be invested.”

Student Roadmap has the same structure and ideas that the main ITMO University Roadmap. Both of them include 6 strategic areas of development such as “Science,” “Education,” “HR/Alumni,” “PR,” “Innovation,” “Management System.” Students under the leadership of heads of these areas developed those problems that they could solve. For example, one of “ITMO Education`s” targets is to attract 100 international students to study at ITMO University. Thus management student can help attracting 10 international students with the assistance of the student activist group. Following “ITMO Science” young researchers also can assist ITMO University scientists. They take part in projects provided by such large associations as SPIE, OSA, IEEE and so forth.

ITMO University`s students have organized a variety of clubs and organizations in order to develop research and extra academic activities. Student Council is the largest one. It has received a lot of governmental grants for educational, sport and social projects. However, being a global program 5-100S involves not only Student Council efforts. It is intended for all ITMO University students.

“Currently a group of active students take part in ITMO Education. Some of them served as volunteers, adapting international students to living and studying in Russia. Others participated in Academic Mobility programs,” noted Daria Kozlova, Vice Rector for International Relations.

According to Ms. Kozlova, the idea of student Roadmap has never been discussed before.

First of all ITMO University students presented this project at the International Conference “QS Worldwide.” Educational experts appreciated this unexpected idea. They noted that it was a new trend, which upgraded 5-100 Project and Russian education.

Taking part in 5-100S, students get an opportunity to deal with those fields, that are interesting for them as well as obtain unique competences.

“As 5-100 participant we follow future-oriented development strategy. So the question is, “Who will head ITMO University in 5, 10, 15, 20 years?” Thanks to 5-100S it is easier for us to answer it because students are those who share University`s values and activities. Each area will have its leader who will develop management skills by providing significant activities under the leadership of ITMO University officials. After graduating they will obtain fundamental knowledge and also get experience in research and educational management. The most active students will obtain management positions. We want students to know issues connected with ITMO University`s activities. Instead of wasting years to adapt to work in a large staff they will collaborate with solid management team of ITMO University,” noted Anna Veklich, head of Strategic Communications Department.

5-100S is accessible for all senior Bachelor’s, Master`s and PhD students. A coordinative council will also choose 5-100S Student Office`s manager and heads of each area.

“Our applicants have to obtain skills that are necessary to solve complicated problems. First of all there are leadership qualities, experience in team work, self-discipline, interpersonal skill, creativity and so on,” said Marianna Chistyakova, head of Strategic Development Department.

According to ITMO University`s officials, first of all 5-100S`s Roadmap will be presented to International council of the University in 2015-2016. Next two years it is planned to delegate about 10% of all ITMO University`s activities as well as involve other 5-100 Russian participants in such projects.

“Appreciating achievements of the Council, I am sure that we are organization to be rely on. As opposed to be driven we are going to lead and manage as university`s officials and professors. One of ITMO University`s symbols is a manoeuvrable and fast bike. I think that heads and students are one more pair of pedals that make us faster,” underlined Polina Litvinenko, head of Student Council.

To apply for 5-100S send an email cover letter.  




Ulyana Malysheva

News portal editorial office

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