Data Visualization Systems: Theory and Application

More than 200 researchers from Russia, the USA, Germany, Taiwan and other countries came to “GraphiCon2015,” which took place in Protvino, Moscow region, on September 22-25.

GraphiCon” is an annual international conference, which brings together international scientists specialzing in computer graphics, visualization, image processing, as well as computer vision and virtual environment. Research Institute of High-Tech Computer Technologies represented ITMO University at this conference. Russian scientists gave a report called “Decision support systems` visualization.” ITMO University experts also presented management systems providing risk avoidance and emergency regulation. Such systems are used for biological threat monitoring, regulation of urban transport systems, as well as flood control system, which was designed by ITMO University researchers for Saint Petersburg Flood Prevention Facility Complex.

Application of such system is a complicated process: it is not enough to make calculations using mathematical expressions. It is also necessary to use visualization systems.

“To make a decision an expert has to analyze a lot of data using supercomputers. That is why it is impossible for a human to understand and compare all tables and diagrams. To make it clear specialists should use visualization systems,” said Andrey Karsakov, Research Institute of High-Tech Computer Technologies engineer.

According to Sergei Ivanov, visualization is very important both for a user who makes a decision and for an expert who provides required preparations.

“We designed an evacuation plan for “Zenit Arena,” St. Petersburg football stadium. It has not been built yet. Thus evacuation strategies can be changed. We have an opportunity to predict all emergency situations and simulate it as opposed to present calculations such as “some 2000 people will run there while other 10000 will go here resulting in excessive crowding,” said Mr. Ivanov.

Alexander Boukhanovsky, head of Research Institute of High-Tech Computer Technologies, noted that main principle of the Institute is to develop software for research visualization systems, computer graphics and virtual reality. Using low-level system libraries ITMO University researchers design such systems themselves.

“We aim to develop applied systems and prepare high-skilled IT specialists. That is why we support those students who develop their own software programs,” said Mr. Boukhanovsky. “We use those software systems that are not designed at ITMO University even if we provide some research project or a project has to be implemented in a very short time.”

Research Institute of High-Tech Computer Technologies was organized more than two years ago. Its specialists provide such activities as 3D graphics projects, GIS data processing, as well as network model visualization.

“Currently such complicated systems are not sold. That is why we design almost everything ourselves,” said Mr. Karsakov. “Presenting our paper at “GraphiCon2015,” we demonstrated our achievements. A lot of participants appreciated our research and underlined that our systems was high-grade. We are going to collaborate with some of our international colleagues.”


Aleksander Pushkash

News portal editorial office

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