PGConf.Russia 2019 Conference

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On February 4-6, the Lomonosov Moscow State University will host PGConf.Russia 2019, a large-scale event dedicated to using the database management system PostgreSQL.

A leading international conference on the open database management system PostgreSQL, PGConf.Russia annually brings together over 500 PostgreSQL professionals from Russia and all over the world, ranging from core and software developers to DBAs and IT-managers, for networking and experience exchange. The three-day program includes lectures and workshops by leading PostgreSQL experts, more than 40 talks and panel discussions, as well as a lightning talk session.

Jam-packed with knowledge, the conference will be especially useful to:

  • PostgreSQL DBAs;
  • PostgreSQL core and extension developers;
  • Application developers;
  • System architects;
  • IT-managers;
  • Database migration engineers and managers.

Among the main topics to be discussed are:

  1. PostgreSQL at the cutting edge of technology: big data, internet of things, blockchain;
  2. New features in PostgreSQL: PostgreSQL ecosystem development;
  3. PostgreSQL in business software applications: system architecture, migration issues and operating experience;
  4. Integration of PostgreSQL to 1C, GIS and other software application systems.

Guest speakers list includes such leading specialists as:

  • Joshua Drake, lead consultant at Command Prompt, Inc.;
  • Andrey Borodin, software developer at Yandex;
  • Nikolay Samokhvalov, founder of Nombox LLC;
  • Christopher Travers, database administrator at Adjust GmbH;
  • Alexey Lesovsky, PostgreSQL DBA Data Egret

and many others.

There is a reduced-price offer on registration fees for participants available until January 15. You can find additional information about the conference, including its full program, and submit your registration on PGConf.Russia's official website.


PostgreSQL developers and administrators, as well as IT company managers are invited to participate.


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