Open screening of the Y Combinator Startup School's lecture 'Product Design / Prototyping / Design Thinking'


Each Wednesday, ITMO University's Entrepreneurship Center hosts open screenings of the 'Startup School' lectures by Y Combinator (YC), a world-renowned American venture fund and business incubator. The lectures are screened in English with subtitles provided by the RUSSOL online school. At the end of each screening, experts from the Entrepreneurship Center hold discussions and organize networking sessions.

In the Startup School lectures, leading experts and businesspeople share their knowledge and experience of how to create a successful startup, generate new ideas, develop in-demand products, hit targets, attract investments, and be effective in what you do, as well as address other challenges that beginner entrepreneurs face when entering the market. 

On October 17, the Entrepreneurship Center will screen a lecture titled 'Product Design / Prototyping / Design Thinking'. It will be given by Garry Tan, co-founder of venture fund Initialized.

You can learn more about the lectures and find their screening schedules and registration links on the Entrepreneurship Center's TimePad page


Everyone is very welcome to attend, but please note that you must register on the Entrepreneurship Center's TimePad page beforehand. 


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