Science Fest


Explore all things science at the Science Fest, the biggest national scientific festival which will take place in St. Petersburg on September 22-23!

Held in ten landmark St. Petersburg spaces, the exciting two-day festival will bring young scientists, developers, engineers, designers, and entrepreneurs together to discuss the latest scientific developments, share their experience, and connect with like-minded tech junkies. An epic startup battle, space-themed installations, a thrilling driverless cars race, cutting-edge art performances, and a magnificent full-dome show in the world's largest planetarium: everyone will find something to their taste!

Key festival themes are:

  1. Exploration of space;
  2. Robotics;
  3. Neural interfaces;
  4. Artificial intelligence;
  5. VR/AR;
  6. Scientific and media art;
  7. Blockchain;
  8. 3D-printing.

ITMO University will present a unique program including:

  • 'Quantum potential', the first-ever science stand-up show held on a city-wide scale;
  • Interactive trampoline and VR games;
  • Optics Museum exhibition in the Annenkirche church;
  • 'ProIce' high protein ice-cream van;
  • Interesting lectures by the leading ITMO researchers Vladimir Ulyantsev, Andrey Filchenkov, Alexander Kapitonov, Sergey Stafeev, and Dmitry Ozerkov!

The Science Fest ticket pass can be purchased here. Keep your eyes peeled for the ticket giveaways soon to be held in ITMO University official VK group!


Everyone is very welcome to attend.


  • Planetarium 1
  • Yota Lab
  • ITMO University (festival's strategic partner)


tel.: +7 (812) 407 17 31


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