Open Lecture by Maurice Skolnick "Semiconductor nanostructures: the era of new physics and quantum devices"

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Dr. Skolnick has been working with the team from the laboratory of photo processes in the mesoscopic systems at the Physics and Technology Faculty on optoelectronic properties of semiconductor materials: observation of multiparticle effects in semiconductors, demonstration and use of boson properties of polaritons, as well as determination of the wave function, control of spin and charge in quantum dots.

In his lecture, the professor will talk about new, both theoretical and experimental, results of research on the interaction of light with two-dimensional materials, in particular on polariton-soliton transitions, photon analogs of Lieb lattices and other discoveries of the quantum world. According to Dr. Skolnik, large corporations invest in such studies, because they give hope that in a couple of decades it will be possible to create an effective quantum computer.


ITMO University, Department of Physics and Engineering


Yulia Kuznetsova

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