18th Conference of Young Scientists Navigation and Motion Control

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    English, Russian
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Topics include:

Gyroscopic systems
  • Applied problems of navigation and motion control
  • Sensitive elements in navigation and control systems
  • Intellectual navigation and control systems
  • MEMS sensors, systems, and technologies
  • Data processing in navigation systems
  • Integrated and satellite navigation systems
  • Data processing in hydroacoustics and radiolocation
  • Advanced technology in precise engineering
  • Information technologies in navigation engineering
  • Control theory and control systems
  • Electronic and electromechanical devices of navigation and control systems
The Conference includes overview lectures on theory and practice of modern navigation and control systems delivered by the leading scientists as well as presentations by young scientists (up to and including 33 years of age, max. one author can be over 33).
The Conference does not cover the issues related to development of military technologies and weapons.
The Conference working language is Russian.
Since 2015 the Conference includes an English session Applied Problems of Navigation and Motion Control, where English is the working language.
The Program and Organizing Committees invite foreign students and postgraduate students to participate in the Conference, present the papers and take part in the discussions.
ONLINE participation is possible.


e-mail: kmu@eprib.rukmu_elprib@mail.ru

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