Publishing in Nature Research Journals: Action Guide

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In order to tell the world about their research and build their own scientific reputation, scientists must publish scientific works in specialized journals. However, with high competition in the modern world, this is not so easy.

At the seminar from Springer Nature you will learn:

  • how to structure the structure of the article and it is possible to tell about why your research is significant and necessary;
  • how to choose the most relevant edition for your study;
  • how to overcome all difficulties and get published in the desired publication;
  • in the end you will get all the necessary skills to make your articles popular in the professional community, and will be ready to publish in top scientific journals.
The workshop will be led by Jeffrey Robens, Development Manager at Nature Research, a researcher with 20 years of experience in the academic world, PhD (the University of Pennsylvania), has worked at universities in Singapore and Japan, including RIKEN and Kyoto University. Mr. Robens conducts educational seminars around the world and helps researchers improve the skills necessary for the successful preparation and publication of articles.


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