International Data Analysis Olympiad

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Higher School of Economics, Yandex and Sberbank along with Harbour.Space University are proud to announce an olympiad created by and for data analysts

Bringing the world of Data Competitions to the grand stage for people in all walks of life, be they PhD holders, company teams, students or new data scientists, the event is open to all teams and individuals alike. 

The event aims to bridge the gap between the all-increasing complexity of Machine Learning models and performance bottlenecks of the industry. The participants will strive not only to maximize the quality of their predictions, but also to devise resource-efficient algorithms. 

This will be a team machine learning competition, divided into two stages. The first stage will be online, open to all participants. The second stage will be the offline on-site finals, in which the top 30 performing teams from the online round will compete at the Yandex office in Moscow.

The first qualifying round will be online on Yandex.Contest platform on Jan. 15 - Feb. 11, 2018. It will feature two tracks: traditional data science and solving the same problem as in the first track but under time and memory constraints. 

The second round - the finals- will be held in Moscow in April 2018. 


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